SPECTRA X DAC DSD 256 playing

I got a new Spectra X DAC recently. However, it can only play up to DSD 128 content. What should I do to enable its full capability?

DAC spec:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY DAC - Enjoy enhanced sound quality with ultra low noise Xtra Sound which obtains even greater performance from ESS Technology’s SABRE 9018Q2C | HI RES AUDIO - Supports PCM audio files up to 32 bits / 384 kHz and DSD up to Quad-rate 11.2 MHz

Roon playing status:

Not possible on a Mac (especially since the DAC does not do DoP256) regardless of Roon or other software. You will have to run Windows. You can check with the manufacturer, I guess they will tell you the same.

So everyone here using Mac is limited in the DSD 128 cage now? Is this the CoreAudio limitation?

It’s a limitation of DoP: to do DSD256over DoP, the DAC would have to support 705.4/768 KHz PCM. A few DACs do, but not many. Or Spectra could ship a special macOS driver, a la exaSound. Neither is very likely, so I concur with @wklie.

I have the DAC for my iPhone; I’m happy with it for the combination of performance, price, and form factor.