Spectrum analyzer

I hope in the next update there will be a source spectrum analyzer included. This way you can check/see what the music is doing frequency wise… Handy tool for on the fly DSP eq config…


I would like this myself.

Would be interesting to see if the high res I buy is actually high res within Roon.

I know this is old, but I stumbled upon it while searching. I saw this related: Software spectrum analyzer for Roon

Though I can’t seem to get JRiver to play despite seeing it in Roon as an audio output. It tries, I see in JRiver the IPC and connection path…but just doesn’t play.

Playing some DSD files from JRiver, I saw its DSP Analyzer and it works great! It’s exactly what I’m looking for in Roon. Not from a technically correct perspective (I’m not able to confirm its accuracy) but from a general perspective. I want to be able to listen to passages of audio tracks and visually see the frequencies being played at the time. See which are predominant.Then make adjustments with Roon’s DSP filters to tweak and play the same parts of a track again. Basically I want to visualize my adjustments if I can.

If the analyzer is on the source material before filters, that’s ok too. It still gives me an idea of what’s going on at that time. So I can then play a different track and look for similar qualities in the frequency graph.This would be incredibly helpful in determining which presets I should apply for which music for the given equipment.