Software spectrum analyzer for Roon

Guys, who knows, you can attach a software spectrum analyzer to Roon, like this:


This is the closest I could find. Roon & Sound Spectrum Whitecap Plugin

There’s at least one other feature request for this.

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Thanks! Good thing. But I wanted to see what frequencies are involved when playing a music track.

I setup a JRiver Zone then turn on JRivers DSP Analyser

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There’s another thread about it here from 4-5 years ago:

But when I watched this video on YouTube today, this is what I’d like, just digital (fungeneration RTA-31):

The downside of this one is that it’s in the signal path, so there’s going to be some doubling going on and there’s almost guaranteed to be some sound degradation.

It’d be best if just like how you can “cast” Roon’s now playing info to an attached TV, you could cast this equalizer to an attached display.