Spinning up ROCK on an old shed

Hi all,

I’m new to Roon and have had great results installing ROCK on my repurposed (and now fanless) NUC8i7BEH.

It’s got me thinking of getting a couple of family members up-and-running with a cheap NUC off eBay, stick ROCK on it and hide a Raspberry Pi behind their posh looking HiFi kit for streaming.

But I do like a bargain. If I didn’t already have a spare machine ready to go I definitely would have done some testing on some low-end devices.

So the question is this - who has the best ‘shed’? The best low-end, bargain basement ROCK? Who’s salvaged an old Optiplex from a skip and is using it to serve them multi-room streaming? Who’s repurposed Grandma’s old cream desktop for some DSD goodness? Who’s that guy who’s answer to every computer question is ‘Old ThinkPad’ (guilty).

Let the shed posting commence!

ROCK is designed to run on the NUC … so you may find this thread interesting.

Can’t believed I missed that thread, thank you!

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