Splash Screen - Option to Disable


I see this has been raised several times over the last few years but not resolved - would it be possible to add an option to disable the splash screen?

I’m on OSX but I’m sure others would like this ability.

Splash screens are something of a 90’s throwback from the time when applications would take forever to load. All apps I currently use which have these screens also have an option to disable.

I often want to start Roon in the background while I’m doing something else and the screen always pops up and gets in the way for a few seconds. I like the quotes, but the screen is mostly there and gone before I can read them. It would be great to have the option to disable and it would avoid any issues with other users that want it to stay.



Agreed. It’s also rather trite. I don’t like the quotes either. Musicians are not educators.


Fully agree. Its a PITA. Windows 95. But one of the lesser issues.

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Agreed, PIA when opening and taking over focus form other apps. Would be great to not have it.

Shouldn’t be a big deal to add a simple choice in the options.