Splashtop Personal on iPad

Until a dedicated iPad app arrives, just for fun I’ve been running Roon on my iPad via Splashtop Personal…

Is fun the right expression?

Whenever I’ve used Splashtop, Teamviewer and such from my iPad I find it a less than satisfying experience.
The biggest issues for me are driving a mouse from a touch device, plus screen scaling.

Maybe Roon is better?
I’d certainly be interested to know how usable it is, as it would save me replacing my iPad Air 2.

Not long to wait for the rest of us now, anyway (I hope!)

Discussed exactly this in the tablet thread. The reaction i got on this was ‘eek’ :).

But curious how the actual experience is.

I said that it was for ‘fun’ rather than it being ‘practical’.

I wouldn’t want to utilise it permanently.

That confirms the excuse for a temporary android tablet then.

Exactly my thoughts.

Looks like a Nexus 9 is due for “evaluation” :smile:

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Splashpad’s okay for sitting back and shuffling through and selecting music. It limps a little, but for $15 or whatever it is, how can you go wrong? In audiophile dollars that’s zippo…nada…zero. I’m using it since I have my Mac Mini running headless in the living room feeding into my dac and audio system. The desktop app works great on my iMac, but it’s next door. I prefer to shuffle through my music on my iPad in my listening chair.

Roon 1.0’s great, so I expect the iPad app will be too when it comes out. BUT…why on earth an Android remote pad version first? It seems an odd choice since It seems Apple’s running laps around Google in the pad computing market. Additionally, I know very few audiophiles who use non-Apple computers in their audio systems.

Any updates on when for the iPad remote?

Also, out of curiosity, are most of your downloads for Windows computers or Macs?

One more comment. Classical rocks on ROONS!!! Roon + Tidal’s expanded my access to music. Tidal searches are a little awkward, but Roon’s fresh (to those of us who didn’t have the $'s for Sooloos) and Tidal’s not been around very long either. I expect great things to come.[quote=“AvilleAudio, post:7, topic:519”]

AIR Login on iPad works very good with Roon, and its a free App

SplashTop personal is free. And while it will launch Roon without the OpenGL error, I found it was sucking up 50-60% of my CPU on my Roon Core running on 2012R2 Essentials.

So I just put Roon into Registry RUN (wait for a period of time for computer to boot up and launch Roon) and use MS RDP until the iOS app comes out.

I just put in Fidelizer 6.7 and have it lauch Roon instead of registry.