Split between Local & Tidal Content Inconsistent

I just went to my Composition Bookmark for Beethoven Symphonies,

I select one the 3rd Symphony and all I see is a mess of 928 Tidal recordings with the the 2 Tags for Local. And Tidal missing , trying to find any one of my recordings is nigh on impossible in the mess

I go back and do the same for the 1st symphony , I see the 2 tags for local & Tidal

I did the same for all 9 symphonies , only the 3rd has this issue , rather strange

Any ideas , a Bug maybe …

PS when I go to an album directly , the Composition Count adjacent to the 3rd Symphony shows 2 icon 45 and 933 , click either and I get the same composition view as above, no local content

If I choose one say Andries Nelson’s , I only see the Tidal versions, going via the Artist I see my local copy but still the same issue when navigating to the Composition


Any thoughts

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

If you add a new performance for Symphony No. 3 does this issue persist?

I’ll check and let you know

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Hi @dylan

I just added another recording , it shows normally in overview

I see 39 Local 941 Tidal

If I click on either the local or Global Icons I get ONLY Tidal, if I filter on the Conductors name I get the Tidal version and don’t see a local one

Exactly the same

It seems to be isolated to this one symphony - bizarre

Navigating to either the artist or album works fine its just composition

Beethoven Symphony No. 3 in E Flat major (“Eroica”) Op.55

Thanks, @Mike_O_Neill.

I’ve passed your report along to the team for investigation, I’ll be sure to update you once I receive their feedback.

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

We’ve tried reproducing this behavior in-house but so far we have not been able to do so. Do you have performances of this composition favorited in TIDAL?

No all I have Favorited in Tidal is a few Artists , it’s not the sort of thing I do

It’s strange that it’s only one composition in 9 , also I haven’t seen in in any other Composer Composition mix

Strange …

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

I’ve sent a PM with next steps.