Split title in tracks

In Simon Rattle’s Porgy & Bess, some tracks with titles beginning "Oh, " are split. I cannot find a way to fix that. For example,

Hi James,

Try clicking the 3 dots icon on the album and select Edit. Under the Edit Album tab, scroll to the bottom and select Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album.

Cheers, Greg

Hi James,

I haven’t got that particular Porgy & Bess but the same principles would apply. If you disable multi-part then the splitting will stop. But you will usually end up with something like this:

With more complex music with various opus numbers, catalogue numbers etc. etc. This becomes unreadable. It also has other effects in that roon will treat each movement as an independent composition (you may want that).

But also, from that screen shot although your album has been identified your Porgy and Bess composition has not. The easiest way to fix this is to populate the WORK/PART tags using a WORK descriptor the same as the one that roon knows about. This can be found on allmusic. Just look for your album there and format the WORK/PART tags exactly as they appear on allmusic. Then roon will identify your composition, associate it with any other versions of the composition you have and group the composition correctly without splitting tracks in random annoying ways. You will end up with something like this:

Roon is telling me I have 4 versions of Porgy & Bess. If I click on that “4” I can explore the other versions of Porgy and Bess, many of which are actually excerpts hidden on box sets I didn’t even know I had.