Split two songs that Roon thinks are the same "suit"


I have a compilation of songs.

Two title of songs on tracks 7 and 8 are with the title of the song that begins with “Mr.”.

07 Artist X - Mr. AAA
08 Arttist Y - Mr. BBB

Roon “thinks” they are the same song split into two parts and show me in that way:

  • 07-08 Mr.
    – AAA (played by Artist X)
    – BBB (played by Artist Y)

How I can fix it, how I can split those songs? They are two different songs from different artists that have nothing in common. They should split.

Hope my english was comprehensible.

You could try to Disable Multipart-Composition Grouping for this album in the Album Editor.

It might also work if you set Multi-Part Composition Grouping to Prefer File for the two tracks in question using the Track Editor / Metadata Preferences tab.

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That worked.

Thank you.

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