Split View on iPad request

I have an old iPad Pro that I use as a (removable) mounted display in my car, almost like a retrofit CarPlay display. I usually have the screen split between my OBD display and whatever navigation app I’m using, as per the attached screenshot.

However I noticed that Arc doesn’t allow the iPad to use it on Split View, which means I don’t have access to my music controls while driving!

Being extremely pleased with how it looks currently on phone screen dimensions, allowing Split View would mean I can use the display real estate wonderfully. I would be very grateful if we could add that feature in a future release.

Thank you, devs and business team, for your hard work on this product.

I would also love this, but my use case is for either ARC or the original App. I have an older ipad mini mounted on my office desk for music control. I can’t put Apple Home and Roon in split screen mode to control lights/scenes and music all at once. This really bugs me and would be awesome to be able to do this.