Spokoynoe Radio

Please add below mentioned radio with tune-in reference.
Location: Russia

Hi @AleSlo, we’re not able to use Tune-in streams in Live Radio, so please can you try and source a direct URL for us to use?

Also, as I don’t speak or read Russian, I will need to copy and paste as much of the required info as possible from this list:

Image (logo) location
Has Explicit Content?
Has Advertising?
Terrestrial Radio Band
Terrestrial Radio Frequency
Location (name)
Latitude, Longitude
Languages Spoken
Categories, e.g. type of music played


Hi Nick,

I requested information directly from their support. In case their reply I will place it here. Other case I will fill in it myself.

Привет. Русские станции пока что быстрее и проще добавить самому. Я обычно делаю экспорт ссылки из tunein, если я могу достать ссылку на более качественный поток до корректирую.

Привет. Я не могу понять как в новой версии самому добавить радио.

Нашёл, в My Live Radio, спасибо.

В меню появился пункт My Live Radio, это те станции что добавляешь сам и избранные, там есть ДОБАВИТЬ +


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Hello @AleSlo and @Vladislav_Shkarovski, I was going over old threads and found that this request had never been completed from our end.

It’s a bit late, and I apologise for that, but I’ve added Spokoinoe radio to the database. I realise you probably have added the tunein reference to your My Live Radio, but never mind.


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