Spotify HiFi - is it happening?

Just looks at this Reddit thread:

What do you think?

I think Roon will still not support it.

People have been waiting for what, 2/3 years since it was announced? Should be a nice upgrade. I forget the format they mentioned.

I know. Don’t need them anyways but it’s interesting to see.

Could be fake

We’ll know more over the next few days if more people get this update and write about it.

If he’s still the only one writing about this a week from now, its probably fake.

But Spotify HiFi is still a thing - they haven’t pulled the plug on it. Last official word was labels/regions negotiations slowing things. Maybe price.

I also assume Atmos will feature and adds some complication that wasn’t there when they first announced Spotify HiFi in Feb 2021 - before Apple and then Amazon Music changed the game in terms of pricing and giving Atmos for now charge.

It looks like a fake.

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