Spotify integration with Roon, Please vote

I know this might be a long-shot but maybe if we can get enough votes Spotify will consider integration with Roon. Please vote if you have interest in both of these products integrating.



A very long shot yes, it is now up to 6 votes with mine. What I couldn’t tell them is that I subcribed to Tidal rather than Spotify simply because it is integrated into Roon, so they have lost a customer due to ignoring Roon.

I cant see this ever happening. Spotify doe things their way, period. They dont care for integration like Roon, they care about Spotify Connect and keeping all their data to themselves.


Logged in and voted, 7 votes lmao.

Voted too,8, going welll, unfortenately Spotify does not listen to their customers like Roon (sometimes) does.

The three things that make this a pipe dream are:
Spotify is already the market leader by a large margin, there’s no reward for them in spending any money on integrating with an esoteric program like Roon that appeals to a niche audience, most of which isn’t even their own audience and even if it were, is a percent, at best, of their potential customers. They don’t need to fight for new customers, they only need to be engaging enough to retain everyone they have.

Spotify doesn’t make any money, at all, selling music streaming. They actually don’t make any money at all in general, they lose money. But whatever net income they get almost certainly comes from SELLING user’s music data profiles, and now, free Hulu video profiles too… Sharing that data with Roon hurts, rather than helps their cash flow. (Roon may well also collect and sell such data…selling your customer’s data is the actual product in the lovely internet age. But Spotify has so much of it and the social/sharing data to go with it.) Keeping that data to themselves is valuable to them. Their software is designed to keep you engaged and contained. Sharing with Roon doesn’t help them. Spotify is more a data/social company than a music company, which is a stark contrast to the approach of most other music services. They’re the Facebook of music.

As CrystalGipsy said, all their eggs are in Spotify Connect now. They make Spotify’s app a bridge to other streaming devices that choose to support them. At best, one could hope for someday Spotify supporting RAAT endpoints from their own app, but true Roon integration isn’t what they’d go for. You’d still be stuck in their software.

I’d love to see it, but ultimately I think that while any integration is unlikely with the major services, Spotify is probably the least likely of all of them. Even Apple which is almost no chance, seems likelier than Spotify, only because they are still #2, have the money to throw at premium image features, and likely have a lot of hardware overlap with the Roon customer base. But even they are very clear: They integrate worse than Spotify!

Imagining Spotify’s database with a radio that works is a beautiful image…but it seems clear they want their radio broken for a reason. Maybe to push “social playlisting”, maybe to force you to wait for once a week Weeklies and engage more with the app, or maybe it’s just cheaper to group a few albums together and play through them.

Deezer, Napster, and some of the other lesser knowns make a lot more sense and seem to be more willing to work with partners. The Big Data services (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google) are selling music to collect your data. The don’t like to share. Actually Google Play may have been cooperative, but now that they’re migrating into YouTube Music, that seems unlikely. Their YouTube arm is arguably their greediest this side of Search.

Long term I’d like to see Roon to find a way to use the stock APIs in a unique way, combined with their licensed data, to be able to actively integrate into other streaming services in a “Roon-like-way” without needing to have the true deep integration they have with Tidal and Qobuz. It may not be “as” good, but I think the benefits would outweight the negatives, especially with depending on two of the more minor services.

In the mean-time, though, Deezer seems the likeliest to push into this. They have a fledgeling HiFi product they’d like to push, they built it via a Sonos partnership, they boast of their other hardware partnerships, and BOTH their competitors in the HiFi streaming space have Roon integration, so there’s compelling reasons they may consider it. That would hurt Tidal quite a bit, if they’re so inclined…their catalogue is definitely quite a bit larger, and their awful software is their biggest weakness.


100% would love having Spotify in Roon.

I just don’t see it because Spotify, like Apple, likely wants full control over their product.

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I am a fan of Spotify, which has a UX that is completely playlist centric (many of which are curated by other users and artists, with followers that let you quickly find the great ones).

Roon is designed for middle-aged audiophools (like me) that think of music in terms of albums.

The End.


Since they dont yet support lossless streaming I don’t see the point, and while the recommendation/playlist system in native Spotify is very good it’s mostly a moot point if you are integrating with Roon anyway.

All things considered I prefer TIDAL when used in concert with Roon.


I do not like Spoti because in 2019 I want CD quality streaming.

MP3 started end of 20th century and it is time to end that terrible format.

When I started with mp3 my HD was 2GB and now it is 2TB.


they all sell to each other. Who’s the winner?

I’d rather wait and see what Amazon is doing with their soon to be HiRes service. Spotify’s quality (or lack of quality) isn’t anything that I am interested in.

The data they collect they wouldn’t sell to competitors, they want exclusivity of music listeners bundles, but whoever has the largest list of use data, and the most personal data, with the most unique, connected elements to build a profile is the winner. That definitely is Spotify.

Though some services, notably Napster, sell their catalog and metadata various partners.

I’m a bit afraid of that given it’s effect on Tidal, and the fact that Amazon locks it’s integration to it’s in hardware devices, and refuses to integrate even with Chromecast. Tidal, deezer, qobuz all sell music. Spotify is a Facebook style data mining social tool disguised as a service. Amazon, Google, and apple are just using music to sell their hardware and software ecosystem vendor lock. Of those, Spotify has a great catalog, and useful social curation, Apple seems to have a reasonable pulse on music despite being painful to use with most hardware but their own, while Google is a confused unfocused mess, and Amazon almost makes Qobus US not feel incomplete. :smile:

But there’s that ugly trend that the future of streaming is all about background listening on home surveillance…errr… Home speakers.

Definitely NOT, at least for now. Roon’s protected itself recently by bringing on board Qobuz

I’d rather see full cloud streaming as a priority if anything in this regard (allowing cloud playing directly) and I dearly would like to see Roon iron out rough edges within its software, rejig the really awful ergonomics it has in places which just don’t get a lookin because of such sideprojects as service integration. Debug the basics before moving on.

Roon will love to integrate Spotify, the world largest music streaming. The problem is Spotify is not interested at all when it comes to software integration. They only allow Spotify Connect on some hardware platforms and this is about it.

I’m perfectly happy with Tidal but I do think the more services can be offered the better. I had a Deezer subscription for years and it was great so if that is a possibility I think would be well worth pursuing.

23 votes so far guys.

25 votes…

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100,000,000 premium subscribers. 25 want Roon integration. I think we have our answer :grimacing:


I don’t need it. Very happy with Tidal.

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