Spotify or Spotify HiFi in Roon [spotify will not allow this]

Indeed it was the reason I chose it. It gave me the best of both worlds.

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Have you seen any recent stats? A year or so ago, I saw that Spotify and Apple had a lot more. Not debating the point, just curious.

The Apple stat was dated May 2021. The Spotify was pulled from their website this morning.

Oh I believe those two, I was surprised Tidal and Qobuz caught up!

I pay for Roon for three reasons.

Firstly the curation of classical and jazz, which is on a par with Primephonic IMHO. This is infinitely better than anything the native apps from Spotify, Tidal or Apple ( I’ve never used Quobuz) can do.

Secondly, the integration between streaming and my library of tracks not available online.

And finally, let’s not forget, the RAAT protocol and bit perfect streaming to multiroom setups.

Unless I’m missing something, there nothing that does all this together?


Somewhere about 2-3 weeks ago, I read that Apple is expected to surpass 100M by the end of the year.

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One more thing, just a quick note, you can still purchase a subscription to Napster (formerly “Rhapsody”)… that’s one I used to use, way back in the day, long before Roon.

I may be misinformed with the following but I think:

  • They don’t offer lossless
  • They don’t have the catalogue that Apple/Amazon/Spotify/Tidal do
  • They aren’t cheaper than the other lossy (some now going lossless?) competitors
  • They don’t have anywhere near the kind of connectivity/ecosystem that the competition does (Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay, etc).

If a company like Rhapsody can still keep their doors open, I think Tidal and Qobuz aren’t as near-death as some seem to think… they might have to lower their prices? Sure. Qobuz already did once… Tidal probably will now, too, maybe? But I think an option like Napster/Rhapsody dies on the vine before Qobuz or Tidal do… JMO.

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Fair enough. However Rhapsody and Napster are not available through Roon either. I don’t know about there finances, but I can tell you Tidal and Qobuz are hemorrhaging money.

Well, Spotify has much better choice, more music, better selection and algoritms. I would appreciate Roon Spotify integration.


Spotify won’t allow it so the point is mute… Personally I find all the music I could possibly live long enough to enjoy on Tidal and my personal library…


Roon achieves its market share because so many manufacturers embed Roon endpoint firmware. If Spotify erodes Tidal’s base, as it is bound to do when they launch hi res streaming, then Roon will become less relevant to both users and manufacturers. Even then, given Spotify’s app and Spotify Connect, I think the writing is on the wall. Simple economics.

Roon, Qobuz and Tidal serve different markets than Spotify, Apple, Amazon & Co.

In the mass market, the rental and purchase arguments that drew us here do not play a role, and whether Spotify introduces HiFi depends on whether OGG320 leads to customer churn. So far, there seems to be no rush.

Not really.

I’ve taken up the Black Friday Roon test offer. I have tested Roon some years back and back then the reason I’ve not stayed with Roon was the lack of support of Spotify. Unfortunately that has still not changed and hence after the end of the trial I will again not take up Roon - as great as it is and as much as I love it otherwise.
Have played around - there are sites that transfer playlists to/from Spotify to Qobuz, Tidal etc. But what I like so much about Spotify are the curated playlists and the user interface. So I will still not swap to another streaming service.
Previously Roon’s argument was that Spotify doesn’t want to support Roon - many other vendors have preliminary interfaces to Spotify - why can’t Roon go that way? Now some of you will say: if it’s preliminary and not officially supported by Spoitfy it can happen that after a Spotify update the interface is not working anymore - so what? If worst case there is an outage for some days that’s survivable…
Still hoping that Roon can support Spotify one day… Then Roon can count me in as a new paying customer - promise!


Same, same and same.

I use Spotify because it is the streaming service that I have used the longest that has the music I want to listen to. I feel like Roon doesn’t see Spotify as a gateway to another market and they must have done their homework so I guess I have to accept that.

I have tried Qobuz and Tidal but their pricing and features don’t make me want to leave Spotify. I like the services they offer, just not more than I like the ones that Spotify offers.

Would I definitely be a paying customer if Spotify became available via Roon? No. Would it make a Roon sub a much more attractive proposition? 100%

This is not up to Roon as Spotify would have to open up access to make meaningful integration with Roon for the Roon experience… Without that, whats the point? You appear to be happy with the Spotify experience, which is OK. Roon is not for you I suppose…
Also, with the services Roon does integrate with, you will experience better audio quality, another factor of the Roon experience.


I always find it irritating when someone tells me what is and isn’t for me, simply because I have a different opinion to them.

But ok. Roon definitely is for me, there’s a lot to love about it but without the main source of music in my world, I’m not going to intergrate it into Roon’s.

As far as Spotify not allowing it goes. Where there’s a will and I believe there’s no will from Roon’s side.

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I use Roon with Qobuz as my “home audio” set up. I then have an Apple Music subscription so that I can replicate my library and have access when driving or out of the house.

I find the Qobuz App useless when driving - always losing signal. So I pay £9.99 a month for Apple, plus the annual subscription for Qobuz (£125) + Roon (approx £80 after currency conversion).

I tried Spotify a few times. Never liked the interface personally. Also, Spotify always used to have. a limit in terms of adding albums to your “library”. Once you reach the limit (1000 albums I seem to recall) you cannot add anymore!
That alone wouldn’t work well with Roon would it. Unless they have removed the restriction?

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If you want Spotify, at this time, Roon isn’t for you and this has been discussed many times. For Roon to work they way the developers wish it to, thus giving the experience, it requires music streaming services to open up their systems and Spotify are not willing to do this. Until a time they are, and they show willing, it won’t happen.
One day, they may change their minds, but as far as Spotify are concerned, Roon are just a pebble on the beach…
Support the services that support Roon is my mantra…


It might help if you and everyone else clamoring for Spotify/Amazon/Apple/Bandcamp integration actually took a minute first and researched how Roon actually works.