Spotify or Spotify HiFi in Roon [spotify will not allow this]

Interesting response some of which show to be snobs. I really enjoy the sound quality of Tidal through Roon to my Arcam an BW speakers. I am 64 and find the song choice lean toward a much younger crowd. I find the playlist option of music from my generation much more limited (or hard to find) then Spotify. The post about spotify use in my car is SPOT on.

I found similar with Tidal. Tidal does have a decent library but it is very hip-hop/R&B forward with what it presents. New music is MUCH harder to have presented.

Qobuz does a far better job for MY needs. I’ll stick with it. Sadly, it may not be available where you reside, but I recommend them if they are available.

I use Tidal and via Roon never see Hip Hop, I see all the music I like across many decades. The Hip hop genre appeals to a lot of people, especially the young and as such, this makes perfect sense to promote on the front page of a growing business. Streaming companies have to cater for all tastes, with Roon, you only see what you want…


Not at all. It’s more heavily focused on what you listen to these days. If your new to it , it will take a while. Tidals home page for me is more focused on all music I play via Roon as I don’t use the app really to play anything. There is some curation of other stuff to get me to listen but it’s down the bottom far away from the stuff that’s important to me.

Tidals changed a lot.

Unfortunately Roon doesn’t have access to a lot of this except my mixes. The new releases section and explore in Roon however are the general one and not the ones it curated based on your listening which is a shame, and I can see why people think it only pushes this stuff. It doesn’t just Roon doesn’t give you the full picture. Those sections in Tidal are way down past all of these bits. No hip hop insight here for me.

I am unsure why I keep being told my experience with Tidal isn’t how it went.
But I am, and I’m glad to hear it works much differently for others than for me.

It does do a great job of curating albums I have already told them I like though.

That’s just what’s trending most from Tidal users that’s not curated for you specifically and never had been. It’s just a whats most popular.

Here is where it recommends stuff based on listening and more importantly these are from albums listened via Roon.


I have the exact playlists recommended to me so I doubt they’re specially curated based on our listening habits.

I too find that whatever is recommended in Roon via the TIDAL tab has nothing to do with my listening habits. Whereas the recommendations in the TIDAL app are more in line with what I listen to.

Explore is easy to find the genre your interested in more to to find stuff outside of you listening history.

again not much hip hop or rnb here for me unless I choose that as a genre

I cant understand why it would not work the same for everyone.

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I appreciate the different perspectives and ways to better use Tidal.

Thank you.

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Your welcome, its shame most of this isnt in Roon to access. The TIdal app is way better than it used to be and since they got bought out have really upped their game on curation, which I feel is better than Spotify by a country mile as is the app now. Spotify just has too much noise, iI just dont ever use it these days, only have it for the kids.


Spotify has been promising a CD-quality “Hi-Fi” tier since last year, well actually, they promised it would be released in 2021, yet here we are almost at the end of 2022 and it’s still not in the wild…

With only a reduced quality offering, most Roon users wouldn’t be much interested in a Spotify collaboration.

You’re fairly new here. Stick around awhile and read some of the big threads and you’ll get a flavour of the Roon user base.

I appreciate Danny’s comments about Spotify offering access to a much wider user base, however, I can’t see the average Spotify user wanting to take up a Roon subscription, let alone wanting to embrace the hardware and network requirements that running a Roon core requires.

If Spotify were to offer at least a 16/44.1 tier and Roon integration was a possibility, I’d be delighted. There’s a lot of stuff not on Qobuz that’s available on Spotify. I migrated a lot of Spotify playlists into Roon via Qobuz, but there’s still a lot of missing material. I bailed on Tidal once they sold out to MQA…

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It would benefit Roon, but I don’t see the motivation for Spotify. Increasing number of subscribers by a small fraction of 1% wouldn’t do it. Consider your own case. You already have a Spotify subscription. They wouldn’t even gain any benefit at all.

Roon is in a tough position to become integrated with any of the major streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music). They all want their customers to use their own app to play music. They want to control the user experience and promote other areas of their business.


Your points at exactly the reasons we don’t see many integrations of these. Amazon is the slight exception but they still only pair with the bigger eco systems and i imagine it will move to more connect based system before long. All of them are after your data and in the case of Amazon and Apple keeping you in their whole ecosystem none of it is for the love of music or to support the music industry.

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@miguelito have you tried Jan’s spotify extension, Librespot? It uses Spotify to control the audio rather than Roon but…

I did some time ago. If I recall correctly it is effectively a Spotify Connect plugin for Roon so that Roon routes the Spotify stream to your DAC. But I don’t find it all that useful for two reasons: I don’t use Spotify in my main system (I have Tidal and Qobuz) and my DAC (dCS Rossini) also has Spotify Connect if I wanted to use it.

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