Spotify Wrapped

This is an interesting way to use music data. I’ve never used Spotify so I’ve never come across this before.

I guess Roon has similar data on our music listening (some of it already on the frontpage). Would it be an idea to make it easier to share online? I really don’t like social media because I’m old and grumpy - well maybe just grumpy - but I make an exception for this forum:) Sharing listening patterns visually could spark great discussions about music.

I would love this in Roon, their UI design is really something else.

They could even just take our LastFm data and visualise it.


If we all used lastfm.

I meant as an option, use roon only data or lastfm.

Given roon has no mobile solution, lastfm to me would be a more reliable source.

Spotify Wrapped is amazing… it puts together you top artists, your tops songs, top playlist. It plays out on your phone like an IG Story and encourages you to share it. While it is not a huge technical achievement, it is an emotional connection to your music (and thus to Spotify).


So it’s basically spotify?

Cant see what the fuss is about it. It annoyed me intensely in 30secs. It had nothing I listened to at all. So not sure whos using my account, I know I havent used it much. Does it take into account family accounts ?

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If you haven’t used it much, what could it show you of value?

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It ws just annoying presentation. Just give me a playlist without all the other guff. I stopped using it as its too damned cluttered and recommends so much crap based on one track you try out and may not like. The whole app is just too much noise.

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I agree that the whole app is a bit too cluttered but to me, listening stats are interesting. Doesn’t have to look like Spotify, Roon has a much better UI and they would do a better job.

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I like guff.

Agreed. It’s the idea of playing stats communicated in way that reveals new insights into your listening habits that’s interesting. I’m sure Roon can develop a more tasteful solution in line with their overall design.

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This is exactly what I had in mind: Latest Roon Software/Feature Suggestions topics - Roon Labs Community. It would be a lot of fun to have a year-end listening report as well as similar reports that has: past week, month, year, and of course custom. :slight_smile:

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I’d not heard of Spotify Wrapped until I read that linked article, but I think we need less social media in our lives, not more. The author seems slightly unhinged to me.

This isn’t about just social media. I have no interest in posting these stats to social media but i do use because I like seeing what genres i listened to so i can explore them more, find similar artists etc.

While you may no want this feature, plenty of people do especially given Tidal, Deezer, Youtube Music and Spotify all offer this now.

As you say I’m sure they do want it, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

I have both Apple Music and Spotify. I guess I’m just one in a few that are not terribly impressed by Spotify Wrapped. It’s interesting information but nothing that makes me feel like I’m missing out if I were only using Apple Music. Listening to music is not a data driven activity to me. I don’t need to know which artist I listened to the most in the course of the year or what genre was number one, etc. It’s fun stuff but basically meh to me. But hey, it’s a great feature for Spotify apparently. Wished they paid artists a lot more than they do.

Just giving this a friendly bump! Loving Roon ARC, but hoping all the listening data Roon collects can be used/reported/‘Wrapped’ in some way. :smiley:

But it IS a good idea, which is why Spotify does it. Even if you don’t like social media there’s value for an end of year summary of your listening stats.