Sqeezebox Touch Intermitent Loss of Screensaver


I have to say that I thought that noting could beat my LMS, but Roon did it and the fact that I can use my two Squeezebox Touch units as renderers is fantastic. Being able to see what is being played on stationary screen next to my Hegel amp is essential for my music listening experience.

However, ever since switching to Roon I have had encountered following issue: approximately every 2-4 weeks there are periods of approximately 3-5 days when Squeezebox is “acting up”, primarily its screensaver clock does not work. Then it just comes back. Neither resets of Roon server (on Synology server) or Squeezebox seems to make the difference.

Any idea what is going on and how to resolve this?


Where is the time information derived from and how often are the Touch devices able to access it?

Thank you for your reply.

Time information is also my suspect, as during the absence of screensaver clock, Squeezebox appears to have completely wrong time. Once it works properly, time is correct, although it tends to be half-a-minute to a minute late comparing to Cable provider time.

I am really not sure where Squeezebox gets time data. I always assumed that it should come from my Synology server and Roon server that is running on it. It should however be noted that, when I used to run Logitech Media Server (LMS) on the same server, I did not have this problem and time was correct.


This may be a regression of a previous fix? I don’t know if Roon still see this as something they need to deal with though.

It appears that Roon Core platform makes a difference here. My Roon Core is on Synology server and this core version is not developed and supported by Roon, but Christopher Rieke on RoonOnNAS – Use your NAS as a Roon Core. The issue in the link you sent me was on a different platform and described solution appears not be applicable for my system.

Let’s hope that resolving this issue will still be of interest for Roon developers, as it could be relevant for number of ex LMS users who made a leap of faith to join Roon.

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