Squeezebox as Roon output must be controlled by Roon Control?


Been reading up on Roon and Squeezebox integrations.

My current Squeezebox environment consists of,

a) Logitech Media Server (LMS) running in Western Digital EX2 NAS box

b) Squeezebox Boom (built-in control remotely controls LMS)

c) Squeezebox Duet (handheld controller remotely controls LMS)

Mainly i use the controller in the Boom and Duet to do the playback, and not from LMS.

As i migrate from LMS to Roon, my understanding is that above (b) and © as Roon outputs are just that, “outputs”.

And i will not be able to use the controller in (b) and © above to navigate and control the playback.

But instead i will need to resort to the Roon Control.

Hence after the migration, hands off the Duet controller and Boom control, and just use these as “output” endpoints.

Is that correct?

Thanks much.

I have an sb3 and a duet and yes that’s pretty much what happens they just become an output. I think volume might work, but as I have migrated to rpi units with iqaudio boards those sb units are shelved. Pretty old tech

based on the next post I guess I didn’t really play about enough…my SB3 died and the controller for my duet has battery issues…

Im happy with the newer RPi tho…very cool.

I’ve been running Roon with various Squeeze flavoured endpoints since they’ve been supported, including a three duets, a boom and a SB3. The remotes still work for basic functions (pretty much all you’ll need), and I was pleasantly surprised that the duet controller even still shows the artwork of the currently playing track. All my primary control of the endpoints tends to be via the Roon iPhone app, but I still keep the Squeeze remotes handy to pause, skip tracks etc. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!

While basic control like play, pause/stop, skip forward/previous seem to work, volume doesn’t work as I hoped it would.
It would be nice if volume control could be supported on Squeezebox devices…

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