Squeezebox Boom - buttons stays lit all the time

hello, I am using Roon and Squeezebox Boom connected to Roon Core (no SB server running). When I finish playing and switch the Boom off the buttons (there are around 10 of them) on the front panel remain lit and I have no idea what to do to switch them off too. Any help please? Even if I reduce the brightness level of the display to ‘0’ these buttons are not affected.

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I will look at mine later, but, you might try when the Boom has been turned off and the lights are on, stop your Roon Core and then see if the lights go out then.

hi, stiopping the core did not work. I was trying different setting and finally I found the right setting: Display Brightness set to 1, Standby Display set to ‘blank screen’. If I change the Display Brightness to any other value the buttons remain lit when the Boom is off even if the Standby Display is set to ‘bllank screen’. Any other combination makes buttons lit all the time.

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I have the same problem as you. As well as being permanently lit up, none of the buttons work apart from holding down the on/off button for a couple of seconds to reboot the SB. This at least has the effect of dimming all the button lights, but is not a very useful way of doing it!
I’ll try your suggested configuration on my SB to see if I get the same effect.

Remember to press the red ‘off’ button on the remote or at the front panel as pressing stop in Roon or pressing the ‘off’ buttin in Roon does not do anything in terms of lights and screen.