Squeezebox Boom - Display Dimmer Support

Hi all, I have one of these that I got for a bedroom alarm clock years ago. Roon have elected not to enable alarm / automation features which is fine, however, after playing a track I’ve found the brightness goes very strong and I have to power cycle the Boom to get it to a brightness that doesn’t embed bright green lights into my sleeping pattern. Has anyone else confirmed this or found a fix? Basically I think Roon doesn’t enable the ambient light sensor in the unit.


For my Boom, the brightness stays at whatever level I have set in Roon, while playing. And as soon as it stops playing with an empty queue, it drops into a lower standby mode.

I’m not actually sure why there are two brightnesses I’m seeing. I think maybe when I first turn it on it defaults to some standard dim setting (which is great for the clock at night), then when I play a track it goes to something else). The problem is it never returns to clock mode without a power cycle, which in turn never returns to a dimmer brightness. Do you experience similar? Otherwise I wonder if it’s firmware version?