Squeezebox Controller doesn't work

I have three Squeezebox Controllers, a Duet and a Squeezebox Touch.
I installed Roon because I am moving house and need to re-create a multi-room system.
Roon installed, I disabled LMS and added the Squeezebox Touch as an output.
It works, but the controllers only show the artwork of the playing track, don’t show what’s coming next and don’t show any metadata.
Is that correct or do I need to do more configuration?

Yep thats correct. You dont get very much other than now playing artwork.

Well that’s a showstopper. If that is so then I shall have to uninstall Roon and move on. Squeezeboxes may be old technology but the Controller is a great piece of hardware, I can pick it up from it’s cradle, see what’s in the playlist, manipulate the playlist, put it back in the cradle, get on with whatever I was doing. The hardware scroll wheel is much much better than a touch screen, there is no boot-up or wake-up time and it always works. I’ll forgo Roon’s enhanced metadata and sound quality if I can’t have that. I haven’t yet seen the advantages of the enhanced metadata and I won’t get to see them if I cannot use my existing hardware. I have made Soundcheck’s Squeezebox Touch modifications, so the sound output is pretty good, is the Roon output worth the step down in functionality?

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It’s more stable then LMS but i personally have not noticed a radical improvement in SQ, although others may claim it does. I used to be Squeezeboxes and squeezelite end points, but my touch died and I was getting a bit narked with the limited interface and stability of LMS overall. So I tried Roon and stuck with it and used pi’s.as endpoint running picoreplayer player. But as you have found the limiting factor of control and viewing stuff became apparent so I retired them for Roon bridge endpoints running Ropieee. I currently have a Naim Atom for my main roon but now finding local upnp sounds better than Roon currently on it as does its version of Tidal. Tidal integration is what makes Roon stick out to me, having both streaming and local files under one unified library and nterface and s is slick and cant be underestimated. It also beats having to switch apps or inputs on a source. i don’t think much to metadata tbh it’s not much above whats in streaming apps already. Roons got a lot of.pluses the apps lovely and simple to use, you can add a lot of different endpoints quite easily and use your existing SB hardware as well as airplay clients or Sonos or use DIY ones. On the other it’s expensive can only be operated by an app on tablet or phone, It’s limited to one streaming partner and currently that’s not been running very smoothly.

In the end only you can decide if it’s worth it for you. If you don’t already subscribe to Tidal then I would say go back to LMS otherwise you might as well bin the SB hardware if you don’t use Roon.