Squeezebox display


I’m new here, and I’ve been tempted into the Rooniverse :wink: by the support for Squeezebox and the stated intention of developing a Linux version for use on a NAS. I’m a longtime QNAP NAS/LMS user, and have kept a decent number of SBs in my system, from a pimped Classic (SB+) through a Duet and Touch to a Radio. For now, I’m running Roon on my Windows PC which has a local copy of my music collection on it.

I love the interface and discovery side of the Roon proposition, and I’m only hours into my trial, so forgive what may perhaps be an obvious question, which is as follows:

In the Squeezebox FAQs, it says “Note that Roon is unable to render fonts on VFD devices, but we do
support display of a Roon logo + any visualizers supported by your device.”

I really would like to be able to display the time on my SBs. Is that a font rendering issue? Is it insurmountable? We’ve come to rely on the one in the living room as our clock, and so having it blank or displaying a big roon logo feels a little worrying and/or incongruous.

Thanks in advance for any steers you can give me.


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