Squeezebox emulation disappeared

I have a SonicOrbiter (one of the first not the new SE; I’m told there’s an issue with the original motherboard that does now allow my Orbiter to be a Roon endpoint). The SonicOrbiter has software that allows you to switch from Airplay to Squeezebox emulation. To get higher rez files played at those resolutions Airplay can’t handle, I’ve been using the Squeezebox emulation. Worked fine. Roon is on my MacPro laptop.

I lost the emulation once before and discovered that this is what happens if LMS is running in more than two places. Stopped running the second one and everything was good again. Then, about a month ago SB audio selection disappears. I’ve double checked that I wasn’t running LMS in two places (as far as I can tell I’m not). I rebooted my computer, the SonicOrbiter and Roon, nothing changes.

I figured to wait until 1.2 came out and see if maybe there was some glitch that would be corrected in the new version (I do note that the setting is no longer labelled as “Beta”). Alas, no. Still no, Roon isn’t seeing the Squeezebox. I’m guessing the problem isn’t with Roon, but at the moment I don’t have a clue what I might have done to lose the emulation, or how I fix it.

Correction, first line should read that my old SonicOrbiter does not allow it to be a Roon endpoint (draws)

Well, I got it back, but don’t ask me how. I rebooted the system, the Sonicorbiter, Roon, nothing seemed to work. The is what did work: I went to by settings and turned Enable Squeezebox Support to No. I went to the SonicOrbiter software and toggled from Airplay to Squeezebox. Then I switched Enable Squeezebox Support to Yes. That, for whatever reason, did the trick.

Seems strange to me, but if anything similar happens to fellow Rooners with Squeezebox, one more thing to consider.