Squeezebox fails with very short tracks

I am trying to play an album (Rachmaninov Variations, Daniel Trifonov) which has 73 tracks so some are very short. The album plays cleanly when connected to “system output”, but fails when streaming to a Squeezebox and encountering one of those short tracks, which are 16 or 17 seconds long. I’ve tried two different Squeezeboxes on the (wired) network, one at some distance from the server and one very close; failure mode is the same.

Here’s what’s happening. The first four tracks of the album have durations of 27, 17, 18, and 25 seconds. The first track plays properly. The second track does as well, but after that the playback halts. When the second track begins playing, the audio widget at the bottom of the screen shows the red marker at 0:00 and the duration of the track as 18. The red marker does not move. Also the little bouncing bar graph widget to the left of the track listing has moved to track 3. So both the waveform widget and the track playing indicator have moved to track 3, but track 2 is still playing. But when track 2 finishes, the system hangs

There are other short tracks further along in the album and the same behavior occurs when those are encountered.

—end of problem description — minor question follows:
While trying to understand this problem, I’ve had to cleanse the playback of both the queue (easily done on the queue page) and also what’s currently playing. With this album, there are four major sections, each consisting of many tracks. When clearing the queue, you only clear the last three. The first, consisting of 25 tracks, is playing. To remove this, I have to go to the queue page, top panel, and click on the last track box. In this case, it’s the “one more” text. Then scroll to the bottom of resulting list, click that, then click near the right hand side of the audio widget, and finally the last track will play out in a few seconds. So my question is … is there a simple way to stop everything and get back to the clean state where Roon says “Nothing playing :(”?

Hi @Richard_Wolff – sorry for the trouble here, and for the slow response over the holiday.

Can you confirm these 4 files play properly in another media player? I’d like to have a look at the media to see if we can reproduce this in-house, so let me know and we’ll follow up to get the files from you.

If you have somewhere to upload them (like Dropbox), feel free to PM me a link.

The Clear Queue button only removes the songs you’ve queued up to be played, not the currently playing track or work.

I think you’re right we could do better here. I’m going to look into what we can do, but for now you’ll need to play something else, or skip the individual parts to remove the work from the Now Playing area.

We’ve reproduced this and are testing a fix. Thanks for the report!