Squeezebox Radio - Stereo setup


I have two Squeezebox Radios that I have set up as a Stereo Pair in LMS (linked volume, linked power, single channel per device).

I would like to switch to Roon, but I cannot replicate this setup - am I missing something obvious? A similar topic seems to have come up before (use two mono devices as a stereo pair) and the advice was to the use the Procedural EQ DSP module to mute / mix each device separately. However, while I successfully set this up when playing to each Squeezebox Radio individually, this stops working when putting them together in a zone (the DSP filter drops from the audio chain - maybe a known issue?)

Is there a known way to link two Squeezebox Radio devices into a stereo pair using Roon?


You can only use DSP for RAAT grouped endpoints I am afraid does not work for 3rd party ones. Likely due to clocking issues leading to out of sync play.

Any other way to create a stereo pair out of two Squeezebox Radios?

I think you might be out of luck.