SqueezeBox Support [SOLVED]

I can confirm there was no marker pen involved…just Photoshop :wink:

Nick! Did you really Photoshop that? If so, my hat’s off to you for a d*mn funny joke!

LOL…I only used photoshop to crop the pic !! That is my SB Boom running through some alpha tests. Looking good and sounding good.

Relax and look forward to squeeze boxes joining the party :sunglasses:

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I smell bacon…

I’m now very sorry I sold those SB Touches.

Great job, guys.

I don’t even have a squeezebox and I’m excited by this. Seriously thinking of snappIng up a few on eBay for a friend who is looking at a whole of house (mansion) solution.

He could be looking for AirPlay speakers already, and I’d say Google Cast will replace Squeezebox as cheap alternative. Many new speakers by Sony, LG etc will support this and I think Cast is more important to support than something that has been dropped by it’s own maker. Squeezebox is for the DIY people, Roonspeakers will replace the software side, and the hardware is not that interesting.

Andybob - as an FYI, you don’t have to have a Squeezebox to take advantage of this. You can go out to this forum, and get a free copy of Squeezelite. It’ll require a platform to run it on. I use one of these, though there’s LOTS that can run it, including the more recent forms of Rasberry Pi. And an OS (also free). For the Cubox-I, I use this.

When you’ve cobbled all that together, you’ve got a truly headless Roon endpoint, that’ll take music off the network from your RoonServer, and pass it to your DAC (typically over USB). It should work because the Squeezelite software emulates a Squeezebox. Your RoonServer should never know the difference. And you’ll have a cheap endpoint without having to wait on RAAT and some vendor (Auralic in your case) to incorporate support for it into their product. And though many DAC’s require a driver for Windows, most of those same DACs need no driver for Linux. It just works. :slight_smile:

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I’m still very excited about giving Roon a try and will soon have some serious time to give a Roon trial a spin over the holidays (starting next week). But I don’t want to start the clock until support for Squeezebox is ready. Any chance we’ll see it soon? Not pushing - just really, really curious and excited to give it a try.

Another little tease. Just went through the exercise of getting this piece working tonight:

We’re getting closer to releasing Squeezebox support, and the TODO list is getting shorter, but it’s not completely empty yet. Squeezebox is an isolated and optional feature, so as soon as it’s ready, we’ll get it into a build. Thanks for your patience, all.


Great album :wink:

Appreciate the tease. Integration would be a lovely Christmas present (hint hint)! (I just listened to the album on my Quad 57s last week! Those cats were hot!)

Smells like bacon! Thanks!

Tease indeed! Thank you Brian. Very much looking forward to this.

Happy days! This will get Roon out of the listening room and around the whole house (seven endpoints in all). As mentioned above, this would make a great early Christmas present!, thanks again Brian & team.

Curious about dsd playback? I’m auditioning new DACs (considering the Unison Research CD Due) at the moment and curious if it will playback dsd files or will it convert them to pcm?

Seems possible using DoP.

[quote=“andybob, post:138, topic:1043”]
Seems possible using DoP.
[/quote]Good research on Squeezebox Touch Andybob. :+1: I can confirm that Squeezelite also supports DSD using DOP. Works for me, anyway. And given the fact that Roon supports it, I’ll be surprised if it does not work. In fact, I’m counting on it.

Our focus is on getting Squeezebox hardware connected to Roon, and working in line with its capabilities (including stuff like EDO).

Regarding Squeezelite, as @Audiomuze commented earlier:

We’re being selfish…I’m guessing that if a device can run Linux it can accommodate RoonSpeakers, obviating the need to run Squeezelite.

We’re not planning to lock out Squeezelite, but expending effort to support Squeezelite-specific extensions (like their DSD support) when we could be spending that effort making RoonSpeakers successful feels wrong.

I think DoP for the SB Touch with EDO is a good idea. It hadn’t occurred to me that people would want to do that, but it makes sense, and that use case is not met by RoonSpeakers. I’m going to add it to the list. Thanks for bringing it up.

In other cases, we’ll convert DSD to PCM.

Brian, I’m sorry if you got the idea that I thought you were doing ANY development to support Squeezelite. I’m not. I’m just assuming that it will work because they emulate a Squeezebox. If one works, so should the other. But as to support (or additional development beyond Squeezebox support)… I never expected it. Sorry if I caused you to think otherwise.