Squeezebox Touch - display goes


I’ve been having an intermittent issue that I’m hopeful someone can give me some pointers on.

My set up: I’ve got a SonicOrbiter serving Roon, pointed at my QNAP NAS where my FLAC library resides. My network is primarily wired, with just the SBT connected via wi-fi. I run a few different Squeezebox products off that as endpoints just fine (subject to what follows!), including 2 SB3s, an SB Touch, an SB Radio and a Duet, along with a couple of non-SB endpoints (Linn and RPi - thanks for the recent Linn compatibility!).

The issue: The problem I’m having is that the SB Touch display comes and goes. I can’t establish any causation behind this. To be clear - the SBT currently appears in Roon, and I can listen to music on it, but it from time to time won’t display what’s playing and nor will it display the time (and as it’s at my bedside, this is kinda annoying as I can wake up in the middle of the night to find my clock has turned itself off!).

I’ve tried power cycling and factory default reset, but neither has worked. Sometimes, the display comes back after a while, without my having done anything that I’m aware of. This last time, Roon stopped seeing the SBT, so I power cycled it and reset it, and, in doing so, lost the time display that I did have, to gain the Touch back in Roon. Sigh. I can interact with the display on the SBT, so it’s functional.

So, a niggly and fiddly irritation rather than anything major, but does anyone have any ideas on how else I could fix it?

thanks in advance for any input.