Squeezebox Touch in 2021 as a Roon Endpoint - Is it worth it?

The problem is the SBT I bought used didn’t come with a remote control. Is there anyway I can initiate the now playing screen without the remote?

Have you tried to use the commands on the screen? (see below)

The now playing screen and any other screen on the Touch when used as a Roon endpoint is basically hit and miss - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. However this lack of screen functionality in no way affects the audio.

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A Squezebox Touch used as a Roon Endpoint, would it be possible to ajust volume up/down using my Roon app if the Touch is connected to speakers via Coax digital only?
The speakers (Dynaudio) have coax in only, and I am trying to avoid using the separate volume remote control unit from Dynaudio, and only use the Roon app.

In other words, can Roon ajust volume through coax digital?

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I am using SQT with builint dac, mainly to listen to Live Radio. Roon connects to the SQT via wifi.
I am connecting directly to my amp, and I can adjust volume on the SQT screen.
I cannot think of why going out coax would make any difference.

If you use rca out from SQT, I think it might be different. Aren’t you ajusting in analog domain then?

No, digital volume A.F.A.I.K.

I’m not using a Touch now, but if I recall correctly, you can use Roon to adjust volume regardless of the output method.

That’s surprising to hear. I jumped from LMS to Roon when Roon started supporting Squeezebox endpoints. That was 5+ years ago. Has LMS actually made significant progress since then? For me, Roon was miles beyond LMS back then and assumed it really hadn’t gone far since.

@gtj - I do still use several Squeezeboxes as endpoints. There’s little functionality via the SB but, on my Touch and SB Radio, it’s great to have album art when playing. If I was looking for a cheap endpoint only to pair with an existing DAC, I’d probably go with an rPi, Otherwise, an SB still serves as a nice endpoint & DAC on a secondary system. I imagine you can find them at a reasonable price these days.

sorry if I am asking something everybody knows :innocent:

how can I turn the Sq Touch to be able to manage 192 Khz? the information I have found seemed to me this changes only worked with LMS

as this article? (Enhanced Digital Output applet for Squeezebox Touch | Darko.Audio)

as Dvorak I would only consider change my Sq Touch if working on the same specs mentioned

The EDO app works with Roon and the Touch outputs 192kHz/24bit to all the digital outputs, including the USB output.


IIRC, the coax output will send 24/192 w/o EDO, the latter only relevant for enabling USB out.


so, I must do the homework from LMS and then will be able to manage 192 kbps?

else I do not understand how to implement EDO on the Sq Touch

thank you for your support

sorry so from Coax output to a external DAC will arrive 192 kbps without any implementation, am I right?

yes, it will.

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worth noting that Darko contradicts me, and says it’s limited to 24/96 w/o EDO. i thought that was the case for Optical, but that Coax would do 192. i haven’t used mine in a long time, so i can’t confirm:

Enhanced Digital Output applet for Squeezebox Touch | Darko.Audio

there is also a very long thread on the Touch and EDO here, on the SB forums.

Announce: Enhanced Digital Output app - USB Dac and 192k Digital Ouput (slimdevices.com)

I believe you will need to fire up LMS, connect your Touch, possibly upgrade the firmware, and then install the EDO plug-in. When the plug-in is active, analog and optical outputs are disabled, leaving the coax and usb outputs available for 24/192 transport. You may have to shut off LMS after installing the EDO in order for roon to work, but work it will.

(Announce: Enhanced Digital Output app - USB Dac and 192k Digital Ouput)

I beg to differ. I just installed the EDO applet on one of Touches and I did not have to rum LMS. Also all the digital outputs work when using EDO.

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Touch has a built in instance of LMS.

Correct. A “stripped down” version. But this has nothing to do with EDO which is an applet installed directly on the TOUCH itself. It will do 24/192, but may depend on the attached DAC regarding whether this works only with SPDIF or with USB out (which EDO makes available), or Optical. (whether the 24/192 EDO applet allows 24/192 via Roon>Touch combo, I have no idea as I haven’t tried)

Well, as per this message I will try myself to do so this weekend without running LMS and then see what’s going on with Roon capabilities

Any advice for begginers? maybe you followed a guide can share to me?