Squeezebox touch keeps disappearing from the network

Hi Folks,
I’m new to streaming, and have been using Roon for about a week, and am really loving it as an interface relative to Tidal. I’m playing through a SBT connected via ethernet to my PC running windows 8. For some reason Roon is having trouble detecting the SBT sometimes; ie music will be playing fine, and then will suddenly cut out, and Roon will no longer be able to detect the SBT on the network. This has happened 3 times now. Last night it also failed to recognize my Oppo HA2 even though it was connected to the PC via usb, and it had worked fine previously.
Can anyone help me out please? I seems to me to be a Roon issue, as I can stop and restart Roon a few times and it will recognize them again, or if Roon drops out I can restart LMS and it recognizes and connects to the Touch. Also, even when Roon isn’t recognizing the Touch, doing a network test through the SBT settings comes back all ok.
I’m confused, as I thought the ethernet cable would make for a very stable connection…
Cheers, and thanks for any help!
Steve :slight_smile:

This sort of behaviour is highly suggestive of a conflict between LMS and SBT.

I know you said

but are you positive that LMS is stopped when using Roon?

What I would do is this: turn off LMS (and ensure it stays off), then factory reset your SBT and let Roon discover it from that state. There are lots of examples on the forum where an SBT previously configured for LMS has had discovery and/or stability issues.