Squeezebox Touch not seen by Roon

Just downloaded Roon. My music is on a NAS and is being scanned apparently without problems, but my Squeezebox Touch is not listed in Audio, although I followed every step in setup.

Are you sure LMS is not running? Can you see your Touch on the network?

I presume you went through a power cycle on the SBT?

using the Touch interface check what library you are connected to. (my music>switch library.

doing this in itself might solve the issue.


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Hi Eric

Did you allow Roon in the Settings to “see” the SBT?
You need to activate the Squeezebox feature in Roon.
I’m not at home right now but I remember that the button to activate Squeezebox is not where I would have thought it should be…

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Thanks to evand, John and Christoph.
I have LMS on my Windows and Mac laptops, and a service version, Squeezecenter, on my Netgear ReadyNAS. None are running. Squeezebox support is activated in setup. My SBT is visible on my network and is connected to my music library, which is on the NAS. Still nothing, SBT does not appear. HQPlayer is the only device under networked, mentioned as having been located on my network, although I do not have it…I hope to receive help from Roon’s team, or I’ll have to cancel my trial…

How is your SBT connected to your music library without an instance of LMS active somewhere on your network? You sure the module on the ReadyNAS isn’t running?

  1. in Roon>Settings>set-up is Enable squeezebox support BETA set to yes.
  2. On your Touch display if you select my music, what is it showing it is connected to (text across top of screen)?
  3. If you click switch library, what options do you get?


Hi evand, thanks for your help!

I indeed realised that the Squeezecenter service was permanently active on the readyNAS, so I removed it completely and even disconnected the NAS from the network: my SBT then did not find my music library any more. Nevertheless, I still didn’t see the SBT (nor my Logitech Transporter situated in another room on the same network).
It might help if I describe my set-up, sorry for the length of this message…
Network: internet router connected by WiFi to a range extender (Netgear AC1900) connected by Ethernet to the readyNAS ultra 2 and to the SBT. The SBT itself is connected to a miniDSP/Dirac by SPDIF, the miniDSP to a T+A DAC8. The SBT runs the most recent firmware. (This set-up allows not to have a computer in the living room and not streaming my music by WiFi; I command the SBT by its remote or by the iPad.
I have two laptops, a Windows and a Mac, and an iPad, with LMS on all, but all those LMS are closed (shut down?) before making set-up in Roon (as far as I know…are they still recognised on the network through some computer wizardry??? Also, if those machines are shut down, would LMS still be visible???)
I also have Eset Smart security on each of my laptops, as far as I know allowing all communications on my private network. To be sure I nevertheless disabled temporally the firewall, with no result…So I am completely at loss trying to have Roon connecting to my SBT. By the way, Roon found and displayed my music folders quite normally.

Generally speaking I am quite happy with my present system which works well, but after reading about Roon I was very curious to test it and perhaps use it instead of LMS. My very recent and novice experience with Roon suggests one remark: it lacks detailed description and installation instructions, it lacks a lexicon (what is a zone, what is alpha navigation and so on). It is probably not impossible but difficult to find those informations scattered everywhere on the users forum or in FQA…You probably realise that I am relatively computer illiterate, but I am probably not alone in that position and Roon should take that into account. Roon seems to be a very good piece of software and I would like very much to be able to use it…

Thanks again, and sorry for the English mistakes…


Hi @Eric_Favrod_Coune , today I happened to stumble across your posting because I experienced exactly the same problem with my SBTs when trying to set them up as players in a novel roon environment. Obviously, there is no helpful posting clarifying the setup procedure - thus, I decided to go for my own - and succeeded in relatively short time.

Here we go:

  1. Switch on Squeezebox Support in roon (Roon->Preferences->Setup->Enable Squeezebox Support)

  2. If you want a clean setup of your SBT you are advised to reset it to factory settings first. This will cleanup any remains of its history as an LMS player like names and special settings. If you are unsure about eventually returning to LMS after roon’s trial period (very unlikely indeed ;)) you should not reset the device to factory settings. It will work in any case.

  3. Before any Squeeze-device will be shown up in roon you have to re-connect it to the new “server”. In most cases you will have connected SBT to a local LMS server (Logitech Media Server, ex Squeezebox Server) or maybe to the Logitech network. This connection has to be ceased in favour of the new “server” where roon (core) resides. This new address will be shown in SBT because it is being propagated by roon after enabling Squeezebox Support (see step 1).
    So, with the aid of SBT’s infrared remote (or directly on the touch interface) navigate to:

My Music->Switch Library->{NAME OF ROON SERVER}

  1. Now get back to roon GUI and under Settings->Audio you will see your SBT under Networked devices. Enable it.

This is all to it!

Some additional advice for those of you coming from a NAS installation of LMS (ver. 7.7.x)

If you switch from an LMS NAS-environment (Synology, e.g.) you will most probably have run an LMS ver. 7.7.x because so far the 7.8.x version has not been available for this platform. This also means that your SBT devices will run an old software version based on the 7.7.x server platform. This version is not capable of playing DoP files and will play PCM up to 24/96 only.

Version 7.8.x introduced playability of DoP files and PCM up to 24/192. On LMS you have to install a plugin to make the server ready for this. When connected to an LMS 7.8.x the SBT player firmware will be updated, too, to make it compatible with DoP streams - and increase PCM stream compatibility up to 24/192.

So, to get this feature under Roon, too, you will have to setup a Windows/OSX/Linux LMS 7.8.x or 7.9.x on some Mac, PC or VM and connect your SBT to it so that it will receive the firmware upgrade.

You can get the latest builds here: LMS 7.9 Nightly Builds

After fw upgrade of SBT take the infrared remote and navigate to the “Applet Installer” menu entry. There you’ll find an entry “Enhanced Digital Output”. Chose and install by right clicking.

After install and reboot of the SBT there will be a new submenu “audio setup”. Navigate to Digital Output->Digital Only and activate by right clicking.

Now, proceed with step (1)…

Hope this helps!



These instructions are well laid out… Thanks. However, I have a question about the last portion detailing steps for the firmware update… I have a brand new fresh out of box Squeezebox Touch that I want to use as a Roon endpoint… I have read on these boards that in order for SBT to be recognized by Roon, LMS has to be stopped from running on the network. I do have LMS 7.9 beta installed on my NAS, which I have stopped from running. However the Firmware update you describe seems to require it, so what do I do? Do I restart LMS, and run if for the firmware update on the new SBT, and then stop LMS again before attempting to integrate SBT with Roon?

I know this is an old thread, but I hope someone will address this question. Thanks.

Sounds like a plan.

Yes, for the firmware upgrade of your Touch the latest LMS has to run because the corresponding firmware for the SB devices is part of the LMS install.

Just in case you strive for playback of DSD/DoP streams over the SBT: regrettably the SBT will only output DoP streams over the SPDIF and not the USB interface. So you will have to find a DAC with SPDIF input which is not too common these days. PCM up to 192kbit/s will work hassle-free.

One more information if you used to control your LMS with the ubiquitous iPeng app: the player component of this app (in-app purchase) just got an upgrade to Roon compatibility! So you will be able to run your iPhone (or other iDevice) as a Roon player endpoint. Isn’t this fantastic? :heart_eyes: Well, hopefully the Roon decision makers are reading here, too - wouldn’t it be a great idea to add a Roon player to the iOS and/or maybe Android universes - as a standalone app or as a feature of the Roon control app…?

For anyone having issues with Squeezebox and Roon , there is an LMS update available now which seems to have resolved the problem

I just got a trial membership and do have the same problem, even that I followed the guidelines Roon has provided here. So for me it doesnt work at all!

Seems as it is a nice software (but not cheap), easy to install but hopeless when trying to use SB at least for “IT dummies” like me😎

Sold as plug and play - but not for me, and now I talk to a Roon robort, doesnt make it better, unfortunately.

i’ve found the touch to be the most difficult to get to connect to roon. i have two transporters, and a Boom, which both connected w/ no problems.

also have two touches, and although they’re working well now, it took more than a few tries, reboots, etc. i occasionally feel EDO might be the culprit.

Did you manage the following according to their guidlines, doesnt work with me.

“When an endpoint is in “Roon Mode”, you can switch to mysqueezebox.com by pressing the “+” button on the front panel or remote (for devices with blue vacuum flourescent displays), or via the settings screens (for devices with LCDs). You can switch back to Roon using the pre-existing mechanism”

The SB works however as endpoint for streaming from my NAS, after some quite few tries😩

no, i don’t use msb.com

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