Squeezebox Touch Setup

I just downloaded my 14 day trial. I am trying to install Roon to my existing system.

problem 1. My Mac Pro Desktop PC is limited to Mac OX 10.7.5 so it was a non-starter to place Roon on that machine.

I place the full suite of Roon software on my mac pro laptop running 10.11.4. That is all up and running.

Problem 2. I cannot get Roon to see my Squeezebox Touch. I wonder if it is because the LMS server software sits on the desktop Mac Pro and not the laptop Mac pro?

I have a Synology 411j NAS that Roon cannot currently connect to either, but I’ll poke around to figure that out. I know the NAS can run SBT LMS too. I don’t think its running right now anyway.

anyway, I just want to see if I can get my Squeezebox up and running for now, to determine if I keep Roon or not. The laptop is just a workaround solution so I can see Roon in action.


LMS must not be running in the same network and Squeezebox support must be enabled in settings.

yup, enabled and LMS turned off on the desktop PC. still no SBT

this thread seemed to solve my problem: Squeezebox Touch not seen by Roon.

I had to go to the SBT and switch libraries… per instructions at the end of this thread.

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That’s true only if you want to run the LMS emulator within Roon.

I Run full LMS and Roon on the same server with no issues, but I don’t have LMS emulation enabled within Roon.

If you want to run the LMS emulator within Roon to to test Roon as a playback device thru SB hardware, yes, you need to disable the LMS server on your network and enable the emulator within Roon.

If you do that and still can’t see the SB devices, I turn off the server, SB devices, and the router. Then start the router, server and SB devices - in that order. The SB devices will display “Roon” once they connect. You might need to point them to the server in the setttings of each SB device in order for them to find the Roon LMS emulator.

More accurately, they must not be on the same host IP address. Roon and LMS will happily coexist on the same network if they are on different IP addresses.

Haven’t tried that, since switching to Roon I’ve stopped using LMS altogether.

This is interesting. I run the Roon Core on a dedicated PC but LMS runs on the NAS (along with all the music files). So they must be on different IP addresses although the library is on the same address.

I have been holding off adding Squeezebox control to my Roon implementation as other members of the household all use iPads which are too old to run Roon Remote. So if LMS was turned off they would lose access.

However if I can use Roon to operate the Squeeze devices and they can use their familiar LMS based remotes that would be great.

Is that correct? I am a bit reluctant to activate Roon for LMS in case a conflict breaks something (as I type that I wonder what could break, but you know …)

Any reassurance will be welcomed.

they would not be able to use their remotes.

I have two main systems with transporters, and two booms, two radios, and a touch elsewhere in the house. the smaller devices all need either the presets, alarms, or some other functions of LMS/MSB.com. the TPs are dedicated to highend music.

I’ve turned off LMS, and connected the booms/radios/touch to MSB.com. then enabled SB support in roon, and connected the Transporters to roon.

my wife can listen to NPR in the kitchen w/o having to use her phone to control the boom there. my daughter wakes up for school on time, and can listen to Spotify.

and i get great sound from the transporter in my main listening room.

errbody’s happy.

Thank you for your comments. However, I’m not sure I quite understand them.

I have a Radio, a Classic, a Boom and a Touch around the house. All connect to LMS running on the Synology NAS, and they are normally controlled from old iPads (can’t remember which particular app(s)) or from Android devices using Squeeze Control or Orange Squeeze. The iPad apps are what I loosely referred to as ‘‘their remotes’’.

None are used for anything except music replay from the NAS.

I am also not sure what you mean by MSB.com, I got a welter of meanings for MSB on googling but none seemed relevant.

What I was getting at is that if Logitech Media Server and RoonServer exist on different IP addresses on the network, then did I understand the previous post correctly, that they can coexist, and so I do not need to turn off LMS?

sorry, MSB.com = mysqueezebox.com

you’re correct, so long as they’re on different IPs, you can run them together. it’s the server apps themselves that need separate IPs (roon and LMS). your music files can stay where they are for both apps.

i run Roon & LMS on the same machine, so this setup is not possible for me.

Many thanks. I’ll give it a try tomorrow then.

MSB = MySqueezebox doh! Live and learn :slight_smile:

Mostly, with one caveat. If you want to “dual purpose” a squeezebox device then switching between Roon and LMS is a slight faff. Perfectly doable, but a faff and I wouldn’t subject non-nerd family members to it.

If however, your use case is having devices dedicated to either Roon or LMS, then it’s ideal. This is the way I use it because I have a Boom in the kitchen which we use for radio, and the physical buttons are non-negotiable - they have to stay. My daughter also uses a SB Radio and has a Napster sub than she doesn’t want to give up.

The third approach is do what woodford suggested and migrate the non Roon Squeezeboxes to Mysqueezebox.com but then you miss out on the best radio plugins like BBC iPlayer, etc.

Even more accurately: Roon and LMS can exist and both run on the same server IP address. The issue is running the Roon emulator for LMS and LMS on the same IP.

I have both Roon and full LMS running at the same time on my server. No issues. I can even use both at the same time - LMS playing something back to a SB device, and Roon playing to a RoonReady device or NAA. Works with no problem.

Thanks for that, that fixed why Roon wasn’t seeing my SBT.