Squeezebox volume very low

I have a Logitech Squeezbox connected to an amplifier, and when I was running PiCore, the volume was OK. Since I have Roon, the volume on it is very low. The volume level was at 9 o’clock before, now it’s at 3!! I also have a Logitech Transporter connected to an other sound system and also on Roon, but I have no problem with it.

I tried to do a factory reset, but no success. Any idea? Thanks

Unlike a lot of endpoints, Roon will control the volume on a Squeezebox. Is there any chance the Roon volume control is set to less than 100? You said the Transporter was loud enough but the volume is set individually for each endpoint.

Yeah, I did check that. Both are set at 100%. That’s why I don’t understand the big difference in the sound output. Thanks anyway !!!