"Squeezebox" vs. RAAT?

(Benjamin Schmidt) #1


does “Enable Squeezebox Support” degrade sound quality compared to using a roon enpoint with RAAT?


(Mark) #2


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(Nick Baker) #3

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(Noris) #4

Hello @Benjamin_Schmidt1,

Squeezebox operates a bit differently than typical RAAT endpoints in the sense that Squeezebox is the one to initiate the connection to the Core and not the other way around.

After Squeezebox initiates the connection, Roon then emulates an LMS server which provides the audio transportation, RAAT is not used and is not an option for communication here.

You should also be aware that running an LMS server and Roon at the same time can cause issues, which is why we recommend turning off LMS before using Roon. Hope this helps!