Squeezebox3 Working - A Few Niggles

First off, a big thank you to Roon for the continued development of a wonderful product. The evolution of Roon and your communication with its users on this forum is fantastic. Each time I use Roon (every day) it brings a smile to my face. As someone who’s tinkered with audio gear for over 40 years that’s something that hasn’t happened very often.

As I read the community forum and watch for updates I was bowled over by the Internet radio add and Squeezebox support as an endpoint. Squeezebox?..I have one of those somewhere. After rummaging around I found a Squeeebox3 buried in a closet. Even found the remote!

Set-up was straightforward as outlined here and before long I was streaming my music library to an upstairs bedroom. Great.

All is good. Just a couple of ‘nice to have’ requests.

The Squeeebox3 interface has a Sleep Mode initiated from the remote in 15 min increments. When I press the sleep function it pauses playback, no sleep function. For Internet radio it would nice to be able to pause after a set time.

Remote Power button - I believe it used to put the SB3 on standby which would display a dimmed screen with the current time. Now it just pauses the audio stream. If I hit PLAY it resumes.

It seems as though Roon is taking over the Squeezebox exclusively. The SB display always shows a Roon logo. If that’s how it has to be, fine. I’m just pleased to able to resurrect the SB and amplify Roon’s value. If it’s a relatively easy fix to allow SB to retain these functions I for one would be grateful.


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Hi Jeff! Squeezeboxes were mainly dumb terminals and the functions were controlled at the server level. Roon built playback and added a screen to let you know that the unit is functioning; but I don’t think they are going to spend the dev time to get any of the other LMS functionality working, as they have said that Roon is not trying to recreate LMS they were just giving some options for people to re-use older equip as networked endpoints.

I have an SB3, Boombox and Touch all working great. They had started gathering dust unitl Roon came along. I could not imagine using LMS again. But, I never used any of the other functions like the alarms. If you setup another server (a separate box and IP) you can run LMS in parallel and switch the unit back and forth between the two. When on the LMS server the pause should work as remembered.

Thanks, Rugby. I figured it was something like that. Didn’t think about LMS being responsible for those functions but it makes sense. All good. Enjoying it immensely.