Squeezelite not playing

Hello, I need some help getting Squeezelite working. I can select my streamer in LMS, but playback won’t start. I’ve disabled my streamer in Roon, as well as any other XL services.

Thanks, Simon.


It is actually starting, but Squeezelite is reporting some errors related to channels etc.

Does audio work in general? So it works via Roon?
Because the USB DAC reports in a strange way to the unit. And I suspect Squeezelite is confused by that.

And can you try some other file?

Hello spockfish,

Roon works. If I enable UPnP in Ropieee, and the UPnP/DLNA bridge in LMS, then that works too. Just not native Squeezelite streaming.
No luck with other files.

Thanks for looking into this.

Couldn’t it be a Roon thing? RoPieee XL/Squeezelite is working fine here with LMS/Daphile

@spockfish I’ve been looking into this today, and this is what I think is happening…

The DAC is claiming to be a 4 channel device, and Squeezelite is trying to play to a hw: device, hence the error about channels.
Roon, UPnP must be playing to plughw: or similar that is mapping the 2-channel audio to the 4-channel DAC.

Is that the sort of thing you are seeing in the logs?

Thanks, Simon

Yep the 4 channel I saw.
I indeed suspect that’s the case. I’ll change output to plughw and do some testing.

If that works without issues I’ll make sure this lands in the next release.
Ok it does, I’ll make sure this lands in the next release.