Squeezelite on Ropieee not being discovered by LMS - Different subnets

Hello All

Hope everyone is well and safe.

I’m a new user of Ropieee. I’ve got RopieeeXL up and running.

For various reasons (which I won’t bore you all with), Ropieee is running on a different subnet than my LMS (LMS is on 192.168.3.x and Ropieee is on 192.168.4.x). Hence LMS is not discovering the Squeezelite player on Ropieee.

Having googled this problem it would appear that it is possible to use a command line to tell the squeezelite player where the LMS is located:
sudo squeezelite -s ‘ip of LMS’:Port

When I SSH into Ropieee and try to use this command I get a ‘-bash: sudo: command not found’ error

Anyone able to tell me how I point the squeezelite player on Ropieee to a specific IP address for my LMS?

Ropiee is SO close to being my perfect solution to be to:

  • listen via Roon (working)
  • stream via Spotify (working)
  • play podcasts / BBC content via LMS (if only I can get LMS to discover the squeezelite player on Ropieee)

Many thanks - SA

When you log in to RoPieee via SSH you are root, so sudo is not necessary (su do - lets an ordinary user run programs or commands with root privileges safely). Try the command without ‘sudo’. If that doesn’t work you’ll have to wait for @spockfish or someone else ‘in the know’ to respond.

Thanks ogs.

I’ve tried it without the sudo : ‘squeezelite -s ‘ip of LMS’:Port’. I get an error that the command squeezelite is not found. Will need to wait for @spockfish or some other guru to respond

This is not possible right now.
I’ve added to the list, because this seems like a valuable feature.


Thanks @spockfish. Appreciate you responding so quickly.

I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently :slight_smile:

The interesting thing is that if I briefly connect Ropieee to the same subnet that the LMS is on (192.168.3.x), the LMS discovers the Ropieee almost instantly (as expected). If I then quickly connect the Ropieee back to the other subnet (192.168.4.x), the connection to the LMS is retained.

Thank you for adding this to your backlog. I’ll look forward to it being included in Ropieee.