Squeezelite Player Integration

Anyone who has heard roon with the squeezelite player will attest of the sonic beauty that flows.
What are you waiting for roon ?


Roon has Squeezelite support. I used this on my Bryston BDP-1 when Bryston was getting their Manic Moose software Roon compatible (2016). Worked on mine…YMMV.


Typo corrected in the subject…FYI

This is scratching the surface. The uber point being allow players like Squeezelite to build on top of the Roon platform.
Roon may support Squeezelite but that integration is buggy.

How’s it buggy, I used it without any issues. Can also tell you for free that Roon won’t be doing any more work on integrating/ supporting it.

Roon does not support Squeezelite. In fact, quite the opposite, from the FAQ linked above:

Squeezelite/Software endpoints

Roon does not support software implementations of squeezebox endpoints, and we do not test with them as part of our QA process. If you attempt to do this, you are on your own.

The topic for this channel is feature requests.
The request was for Roon to support squeezelite, no worries if they don’t. They can have 1 less customer. [Moderated].

It works, what more do you want?

It works …
Till you change file formats - dsd - cd as an example

The 1st track skips most of the time when you press ‘Play Now’

You started squeezelite with the correct parameters for your dac’s USB input? I don’t recall having any issues switching between formats.

Also curious, if you’re using a USB enabled DAC why not just use an endpoint with RoonBridge installed?

I stand corrected. I just checked the Bryston player and the squeezelite feature no longer integrates with Roon (as it did for me in 2016).

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I don’t think you have an Innuos Zenith and u haven’t heard the diff in Sq
when you hear it you’ll understand why Roon with squeezelite is way better than running it in a bridged mode with the dac as end end point.

My apologies, you’re right, I don’t buy into hocus pocus because my kit isn’t good enough to benefit from it.

Yeah about time u get yourself a decent kit

I have Roon integrating with four raspberry pi zeros running squeeze lite. I have had no issues.

I got Nuno to turn my Zenith into a Squeezebox streamer. I then enabled Squeezebox support in Roon. The resulting SQ was terrible. I imagine it has to do with the LMS emulation in Roon and the lack of RAAT. The Innuos LMS Implementation and the Experimental mode of Roon Core combined with SB Lite, both provide excellent SQ. I told Nuno that we need a Roon Endpoint SB Lite mode.

My system is very revealing.

Router —> GigaFoil —> SGC i9 Roon Core —> Innuos Zenith 2 —> USB —> Matrix DD —> I2S —> PsAudio DirectStream (balanced) —> Accustic Arts Preamp —> Bryson 7B ST monos —> Maggie 3.7i & pair REL 328 subs.