SSD and single hard drive in 2-bay QNAP - Raid 0

I have a TS-251+ running ROON, and its been fairly solid. I did try and run the core from an USB SSD but for an unresolved reason it would not work (problem was posted on the forum but couldnt be sorted). The core is on the hard drive now and seems to work ok, albeit a little slow on searches.

Ive pretty much filled my RAID1 3tb hard drives and really only option is to upgrade to 2x 6tb NAS drives to maintain the current configuration. They are pretty expensive and in reality I bought the NAS with back-up in mind, rather than redundancy (which Ive since learnt is the true function of RAID). I feel paying £300 for 2x 6tb drives for RAID 1 exceeds my needs.

Would fellow QNAP users know whether its possible to have a single SSD drive running the core and QNAP system files/apps (say a 500gb SSD). And a large capacity harddrive storing the music files (eg WD Red/Ironwolf 6tb+). I would then periodically back-up the files using external drives (probably the existing 3tb drives extracted). I feel that I need the QNAP (rather than a NUC) because I use for time machine back-ups, and also PLEX/VLC for movies.

On an aside. I mentioned that I run the core on the harddrive, am I doing something unforeseen that could cause me future problems. Theres slight delays in searches, but I rarely use any processing and single zones so do not get any issues in music play. My library is around 2000 albums.

Im a big fan of roon, really got me back into enjoying music through its interface. IVe enjoyed the roon community. Ive considered posting this query on QNAP forums, but they can seem a bit disparaging of casual QNAP users like myself!!!

Unless you listen to music professionally (you get paid for that) or your or somebody else’s life depends on it :grinning:, RAID 1 is just a waste of money, you get way much more value from a backup solution.

Not a QNAP user here, but yes, you should be able to use one SSD and one HDD in the same enclosure (and create 2 Volumes). Assuming that QNAP is capable of using SSDs, you can use something like this to put the SSD directly in the NAS 2.5” to 3.5” SATA HDD Adapter Enclosure - Drive Mounting Brackets & Accessories ( (it’s just a box, nothing fancy, but it does what is supposed to do)

And finally, for a much better experience (no delays, more processing power and so on) you should consider a better solution (NUC for example).

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thanks @occasionallyhere

Im glad you confirm my view on RAID 1, wish Id understood a few years ago but I guess that how we learn, through practice!

I’ll have to take the plunge and see if I can configure it. Thanks for the link to the adapter.

I agree the nuc is probably the best option, but the qnap serves several purposes so I’ll have to settle for the swiss army knife rather than the sports-car! I had the QNAP prior to discovering roon, so Im fortunate to have a compatible device. Im relatively new to roon (first year sub), and dont use any DSP and rarely mutiple zones so its worked fine. As teh hobby develops im sure Ill be looking at a single roon server.