SSD drive for Nucleus+

what 2.5" SATA SSD is > 4TB?

These are SSDs with more datavolume than 4 TB.
For example Micron 5100 and Samsung with 7,68 TB (Terabyte).

While the Micron has a SATA interface, the Samsung models appear to have SAS or PCI-e 3.0 interfaces, so I don’t think that these would be suitable for fitting in a Nucleus…

Edit: oh, wait a minute, the Samsung PM883 does have a SATA interface, so this might also be suitable?

The Micron 5210 ION 7,68 and the Samsung PMM883 7,68 have SATA interfaces.

Both SSDs are expenisve, therefore I must knew before buying, that they will run with the full data volume.

we’ve not tried them… they are relatively new…

Amazon has the Micron for $844:

and it’s Prime, so you can return it easily if it doesn’t work out (depending on your location).

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Hi Danny,

thanks for the buying information. The price in germany is 1.100 EURO and not avaiable at amazon.
Do you thing, there any restrictions for greater datavolume than 4 TB (formating, access)?

I am running the Samsung 860 QVO 4TB 2,5 inch SSD for a couple of months now in the Nucleus Plus without any problems.

Thanks Jeffrey for the information, but I need input for SSDs greater than 4 TB.

The SATA interface is not the limiting factor, the filesystem is. Ext4, the filesystem used with Nucleus and Rock, has a maximum filesystem size of 1EB and maximum filesize of 16TB. Therefore, if you can physically fit it in the box, it should work.

Thanks Mike, that’s an important infomation.
I Have just install the Micron 7.68 TB SSD and it runs very well.
Installation and formating is easy and the import of the DSD music files also.


Excellent info. I ordered mine yesterday, and should be installing it tomorrow.

Is the 860 EVO worth the extra bucks over QVO?

For me it was. You dont want to take unnecessary risks with your music collection just to save a few bucks.

But all depends on your priorities.

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Well - it depends. If we’re talking about the SSD being used for music storage, then frankly, a QVO variant is the best buy. That’s because there will be far fewer write cycles than there are read cycles - and it’s write cycles that determine the wear and tear on your SSD. This article gives the full background:


Hello Goeff_Coupe,

is there any detailed KB information about SSD change / upgrade at Nucleus+,
for example from 4TB internal to 8TB internal?
I need information about the individual process steps.

Thanks and greetings from near Basel


There’s not a specific KB article detailing the individual process steps for an SSD Change/Upgrade at the moment.

I would have thought that the process would be fairly straightforward though?

  1. Make sure you have a backup of the music files of your existing internal storage device (SSD or HDD)
  2. Open up the Nucleus+ and change the existing drive for the new one. Use this guide for installing an internal storage device as the basis for what you need to do:
  1. Once the new drive is installed, you need to format/initialise it using this guide:
  1. Restore the music files you backed up in step 1 to the new drive.

Hello Geoff_Goupe,

thank you for your quick answer.
Hardware SSD replacement is not the / my problem,
here I am practiced.
What is the detail process for an existing Nucleus system with an internal 4 TB SSD full of music files
and is to be exchanged to one with 8 TB.

All previous Roon Nucleus music file tag edits should be taken over.

It gets a bit more complicated,
there is also an external USB 4 TB SSD,
which is also full,
but should continue to exist as an external SSD (PC-based).

I am primarily concerned with the detail process,
what has to be considered and what I have to do and how,
that with the SSD change all previous music file tag edits
to the new SSD and the external SSD
be taken over / are applicable,
without having to re-enter everything again,
that about 7000 CD albums.

Many thanks and greetings from near Basel


Translated with (free version)

Both the old (4TB) SSD and the new (8TB) SSD will be in the same physical location: the internal storage of the Nucleus+.

So they will have the same name and location in Roon’s Storage Settings, I expect it to be something like: “Nucleus+ Internal Storage”.

For a trouble-free change, you should make sure that the file and folder structure for your 8TB SSD is the same as it was for your 4TB SSD. Check that your Backup software (or File Copying software) will do this.

It is, of course, always a good idea to make sure that you have backed up your Roon Database (which contains all your tags, edits, and system settings) using Roon’s Backup function (Settings > Backup) as a safety measure before changing your SSDs.

However, because, as far as Roon is concerned, all your files and folders are still in exactly the same place (although in a bigger container - the 8TB SSD), everything should remain exactly as it was: all your tags and edits will be preserved.

Samsung 8TB SSD