SSD drive for Nucleus+


Is there any advantage with heat, performance or longevity placing a 4TB SSD inside the Nucleus + versus connecting one externally via the USB ports?

Also, is it safe to plug the Nucleus+ power supply onto a wireless Amazon on/off switch?
(say in only using the Nucleus+ only when I am home)


you wont accidentally pull out the internal drive

it’s not the best idea… a proper shutdown is recommended. It wont blow up if you flip it off, but i personally wouldnt.

if you can remote in somehow to your network, you can shutdown the machine from web ui.

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I would leave THE nucleus POWERED-ON 24/7. Roon does a lot of updating in the background, and that way you also get instantaneous access to your music :grinning:

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have someone sucessful used the SSD Micron 5210 ION 7.68TB in the nucleus+?
It’s important for my multichannel DSDs.

@danny shared this link for a 4TB 2.5-inch SSD awhile ago. Any reputable 4TB (or less) SSD that fits the Nucleus requirements (link here) will work.

Is it possible to install a SSD > 4 TB in the Nucleus+?
Have someone experience with such a SSD (Samsung or Micron)?

what 2.5" SATA SSD is > 4TB?

These are SSDs with more datavolume than 4 TB.
For example Micron 5100 and Samsung with 7,68 TB (Terabyte).

While the Micron has a SATA interface, the Samsung models appear to have SAS or PCI-e 3.0 interfaces, so I don’t think that these would be suitable for fitting in a Nucleus…

Edit: oh, wait a minute, the Samsung PM883 does have a SATA interface, so this might also be suitable?

The Micron 5210 ION 7,68 and the Samsung PMM883 7,68 have SATA interfaces.

Both SSDs are expenisve, therefore I must knew before buying, that they will run with the full data volume.

we’ve not tried them… they are relatively new…

Amazon has the Micron for $844:

and it’s Prime, so you can return it easily if it doesn’t work out (depending on your location).

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Hi Danny,

thanks for the buying information. The price in germany is 1.100 EURO and not avaiable at amazon.
Do you thing, there any restrictions for greater datavolume than 4 TB (formating, access)?

I am running the Samsung 860 QVO 4TB 2,5 inch SSD for a couple of months now in the Nucleus Plus without any problems.

Thanks Jeffrey for the information, but I need input for SSDs greater than 4 TB.

The SATA interface is not the limiting factor, the filesystem is. Ext4, the filesystem used with Nucleus and Rock, has a maximum filesystem size of 1EB and maximum filesize of 16TB. Therefore, if you can physically fit it in the box, it should work.

Thanks Mike, that’s an important infomation.
I Have just install the Micron 7.68 TB SSD and it runs very well.
Installation and formating is easy and the import of the DSD music files also.


Excellent info. I ordered mine yesterday, and should be installing it tomorrow.

Is the 860 EVO worth the extra bucks over QVO?