SSD in Nucleus?

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@danny Wouldn’t it make sense to put those in the nucleus too then? My nucleus+ came with Transcend.

I have 2 rules when buying storage. Never buy a Seagate HDD and always buy Samsung SSDs. The Seagate rule is absolute, I burned though 4x 3TB discs from Seagate in 3 months and they were all < 2 years old.


I have 8 Seagate USB drives varying between 2 and 4 Tb

The oldest has been going over 7 years , must be bad luck, I have never had fail :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the link, that’s a lot of unlucky folk. TBF it was a bad model but it suggests an almost negligent testing regime.

Mine are all Expansion Desktop in pairs as backups so not in continuous use maybe that makes a difference

They are used every 1 - 2 days depending on Library changes

We really only see Seagate and WD here

We’ve used many brands in Nucleus. A few thousand Transcend containing units shipped, but we’ve shipped ADATA, WD, Samsung, and others.

Manufacturing is a trade off between pricing, availability, and other things like reliability & performance.

It’s unfortunate, but Samsung parts are very hard for us to get at scale at pricing that is reasonable.

Thanks for that useful bit of info. The previous ssd (Adata) in my Nucleus failed after approximately 2.5 yrs. Not what I would call ‘instantly’ but my expectations are obviously that it would last longer.

Now support at Roonlabs got me a Transcend ssd. Curious to see how long that one will last. FYI: kudos to support for resolving this so quickly for me :sunglasses: