SSD life on Rock

I wonder what is the lifespan of the SSD drive on the Rock?The boot partition should have a very long life if I put a 200G m2 SSD on it as it will take long time to fill even once?

How about if I put an internal SSD for music? By nature I would probably just leave the music file there and probably never going to write on it again.

Does that mean the SSD theoretically will have unlimited life as it is essentially read only?

ROCK was only released 2 years ago. As there doesn’t seem to be reports of mass failures in the forum and ROCK does not report on disk health, there won’t really be an answer to the first part of your question.
I believe that ROCK partitions the SSD to something smaller than 64GB (the original spec for an SSD, but difficult to get hold of at the time), so anything larger is a waste.

An internal SSD for music gives you a quieter box, doubly so if you have a fanless enclosure, so no noise or moving parts at all.

Hi Thanks Anthony.

I was asking a theoretical question. SSD life is measured only in number of writing cycles. So as a music store that never gets overwritten, theoretically the SSD has indefinite life, is that correct or is there something else?

Electronics can fail before it reaches write endurance.

Thanks that’s reassuring. All computers die but SSD may have a shorter life than most!

Any failures can be mitigated by a sensible backup process. A regular backup of your database and music files will leave you out of pocket in the event of a failure but not without your music.

Thanks. Actually I was hoping it will outlast a spinning hard disk.For harddisk I usually replace every 2 years or so. For SSD I was hoping it can last 10 years or so. Backup is of course always there