SSD vs. HDD for Library storage on Roon Core

I currently have my FLAC Library storage on Roon Core on my SSD drive. The SSD is getting full. I also have a HDD. Can I move the files to my HDD? Will the performance be the same? In other words, is a SSD required to stream properly?

If it’s just your music files then a HDD will be fine performance wise. The data read rate is plenty fast enough, even for hi-res files. In truth SSD performance is a bit wasted on music files. The only consideration is noise, and I mean the physical noise of the disk, not the “noise over digital” boogeyman. Spinning disks are audible and that might be an issue for you.


Would it be possible to have Roon link to two different file locations to stream? On my SSD and HDD?

Yes, refer to the faq.