ST i5 and processing power


Interested in other’s experiences and feed back from @AGillis.

I have the ST i5 for Roon core with android tablet control and Auralic Vega G2 streamer/DAC. In Roon, when I attempt upsampling to DSD512, I get stalls, studder, etc. No problem with DSD256. The Vega is DSD512 capable. Is this normal or do I need to tweak something? Should I have sprung for i7?


(Mr Fix It ) #2

I7 I think would be the solution regardless of what supplier pc you are using.

(Andrew Gillis) #3

Yeah i5 is not really powerful enough for DSD512. DSD512 upsampling takes a massive amount of CPU power.


Ok, thanks for the confirmation Andrew. So DSD256 it will be for me then.


by chance, is the processor in the ST i5 replaceable with an i7?

(Andrew Gillis) #6

No it is not. If you want to do DSD512 upsampling it’s best to get a quad core desktop processor for extreme speed. These are large and require a lot of cooling. That is why or sonicTransporter i7 is much larger then our sonicTransporter i5.


Thanks. Was worth a shot.