ST i5 can not see the DAC - Solved!

I have my ST i5 connected via USB to Lampizator DAC, however Roon does not seem to recognize it.
Are there any drivers or something that should be installed on the ST i5 that support the recognition. I used the same cable with NUC and worked. Any idea is appreciated. I also use now a new DAC, so I can not root the cause to the ST alone :slight_smile:

I don’t believe a direct USB connection between STi5 and a USB DAC is a viable option.

I think the USB ports are only available as an input for a USB HDD containing music files.

My STi5 is just connected via ethernet to the netwrok, as is my streamer, which is then connected via USB to my DAC (a different model, Chord Hugo TT2)


Thanks for the quick turnaround, but that would be very strange concept, unless re-clock is needed.
Why would SGC prevent connecting ST i5 to USB DAC?

It sounds like you’re trying to make the ST serve both as a Core platform and as an endpoint/player. Right? If you go into Roon’s Settings/Audio (using any Roon Controller) can you “enable” the ST as a Roon endpoint? I believe this is possible. Once you do that, sound should play through to any connected audio equipment (DAC, amplifier, etc.) whenever you select the ST as a Zone. That’s how it works with my Mac Mini (when I used it both as Core and player/endpoint).
Unless the ST’s USB does not support this capability.

I don’t have an ST, but on my NUC I get in Settings==>Audio this -

Doesn’t your DAC show in the ‘Connected to this PC’ section?

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You can absolutely connect a USB DAC direct to a sonicT’s USB port.

@Todor_Finkov, can you include a screenshot just like @xxx shows above , of your Roon Audio settings page

This supposition that Sonic Transporter devices can’t be used direct to a USB DAC has popped up a couple of times recently. Where has that come from?

@ lkjhgdaa Here is the screenshot. I usually can have more devices (TV for instance) if they are on. This is taken from my PC, it is similar from the iPad.

I see that @ Henry_McLeod also commented that connecting DAC to STi5 is not possible. Do we know the reason? It should be naturally possible unless specifically prohibited.

I did use a setup where the DAC was connected directly to the ST i5 via USB for quite a while. No issues whatsoever.

No, @Henry_McLeod did not say this. He just asked why other people were saying this. Others in this thread have reported that they have used a USB connected DAC to the SonicTransporter.

This is now resolved. A small step that needed to be done is to enable local playback in Roon server.