Stable release 2017/10/02

Changed my sd card over for a new one. Hoepfully this is the last of my woes including the dreaded boot loop;

I dont think he plastic screws that hold the digboard in place will cope with another removal. So I hope this solves it.

My RoPieee has not upgraded yet. Is this normal? I’m still running the 9/27-1 software.

Hmm. No, that’s not normal.
Could you send me feedback so I can have a look?


Not sure how to do that. Please advis

go to the ‘advanced’ tab on the web page. There’s a buuton ‘send feedback’.

Sent Harry

I am also stuck on 9/27. Feedback: e75dc30403f7b221.

Let me know if I need to reflash. Thanks Harry.

Same here @spockfish, stuck on 9/27. Feedback: 3878e6d0cf5caec6

@Richard_Thorpe, @Nathan_Wilkes and @Wakajazz,

I’ve looked at your feedback, and you’re all upgraded.

The confusion is that you’ve looked at the version (date) of the RoPieee package itself, which is indeed of 9/27.
But that’s the date I build the package, and not the final release which was the 2th of October.

I was already improving this (because this happened before), as you can see with the ‘RoPieee-version’ package which points at 58. This version number will get a prominent place in the web interface, making it very easy to see on which version you’re running.

So sorry for the confusion, I’ve given this change a higher prio on my list.

Have a great weekend!


Hey Harry after switching stable updates to “manual”, how does one then manually update later?

Is it only after hitting the “reboot” button?

What about if you shutdown and then do a cold boot - will it search for an update on that cold boot, or still only after you hit the reboot button?

Many thanks!

No, when you’re on ‘manual’, it will check on an interval and just gives you a notification in the web interface. From the notification you can then update.

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Oh that’s much cooler :slight_smile:

Where does it appear in the web interface? which screen/tab?

No, it shows a notification on the top of the screen, above the tab bar. You can’t miss it :wink:

I just did a clean install for the old man on his Sansui system and literally after your reply, I see the blue bar !!

Too cool. Now I just need to tell him to avoid any manual installs until i see him the next time and do it myself and I shouldn’t have any troubleshooting calls in case something goes wrong!

With my own RoPieee Touchscreen, I leave it on daily updates but it’s nice to have both options, for 2 difference situations. Daily auto update for me and manual for him.

Really appreciated !

Well don’t I feel silly…:flushed: Thanks for the clarification Harry…