Stable release 2017/10/02


Time for RoPieee’s next stable release. This is a rather solid one, focused on implementing some long requested features. Most notably is support for static network configuration and a more refined update system.

For completeness here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: support for static network configuration
  • NEW: support for different update intervals
  • NEW: support for manual updating
  • FIX: make sure screen configuration survives update
  • FIX: web page renders slow due to javascript errors
  • IMPROVEMENT: Set second player screen as default
  • IMPROVEMENT: use screen real estate for song title
  • IMPROVEMENT: slow down scrolling speed song title
  • IMPROVEMENT: Linux kernel 4.9.50

I’ve also created a new image for those that want to start from scratch.


Hi Harry
Apparently with the update, my Roon server cannot see the extension. It is not advertised within the extensions tab in Roon. The touch screen has an error message that it can’t connect. I have rebooted the Rpi a few times, restarted the extension and even rebooted my core.

Interesting that Roon sees the Rpi and continues to show the Ropieee zone. Nothing on the touchscreen but the can’t connect message.

Any suggestions?


Eep, this sounds like right after I updated to the previous release also. I had exactly the same issue.

Just shut down, left unpowered for a minute and restarted. Ropieee interface is available on browser. Roon sees the Rpi. Nothing shows up in available extensions. Touch screen says there is a problem, is Core running? Is remote extension enabled.

That’s all I got for now. Let me know if I can provide any additional information.

can you send me feedback?

Ok, no experience. How do I send?


Here you go

Hmmm… too bad. I see what the problem is. One of the packages didn’t update correctly (it’s fetching stuff from the internet and something went wrong).

I see 2 solutions:

  1. I give you some instructions to run a few commands on your RoPieee
  2. Reflash

I’ve written down your issue on my to do list (with priority) to make sure this doesn’t happen again. But that doesn’t solve your issue for now I’m afraid.

If you want to try option 1 then let me know!

Regards Harry

If I understand, should I remove card, erase/reformat and use etcher to put new image on the memory card? Or, if patient, will this resolve when you make changes on your end with the next update? Would prefer to not do command line stuff due to time constraints.
Thanks for quick response

Yeah. The first option is the quickest for now.
I’am going to change the issue, but that will take time I’m afraid I guess…

Harry will my Ropiee auto update to the latest software or do I re install? Thanks.

Hi Richard,

No need for re-install. Your RoPieee will update automatically.



Did it work? Do you need additional assistance?


Will let you know when I get home. When I left it was still loading. I do appreciate your support and concern


Success! All seems well now. Thanks for the advice.

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@spockfish one of Ropieee’s is not updating properly. How can i force it to update to the latest please. Happy to use ssh so please just let me know the commands I need to use.

Also Harry why is the reboot time still mandatory?If choosing to manually upate surely we should be able to choose not to have to reboot everyday as well , its not really needed is it? I’d rather leave mine running if all is ok with it.

There are options for the reboot timing in the advanced tab now. One is “manually”


Basically it should update automatically, so if that’s not working something might be wrong. Can you send me feedback?

Wrt to reboot time vs updating: those are 2 different things. I didn’t want to change the rebooting scheme in the same release as the changed update mechanism because it’s a rather big update.


feedback sent da51414ddbf96900

Ok. Unfortunately your filesystem is corrupted, so that’s why the download fails. It’s a miracle it’s even running.

Too bad. You need to reflash I’m afraid :frowning:

Regards Harry