Stable release 2017/12/09 (078)


Small maintenance update is out with the following stuff:

FIX: wifi config does not work when using static wired config
IMPROVEMENT: introduce retry mechanism on downloading RoonBridge
NEW: support for Justboom Digi HAT

There’s also a new image available on



Thanks Harry.

This is a cool tool/distro.

I got rid of all my old Squeezebox devices couple of months ago, which left a raspberry with HifiBerry Digi+ unused for some time. I checked out options to use it again and came across this one. I really like the simplicity here. Nothing fancy, straightforward … thumbs up!!!

I can only recommend people to check this out as well. Install, forget and enjoy :smiley:



Hi @spockfish, I have a strange issue with RoPieee display here.
The display does no longer sync with what is playing. I have rebooted several times but the issue remains.
When I reboot RoPieee, I get an empty display, no artwork, no titles, just an empty frame.
When I restart the Roon Remote Extension, the album art and titles show up but the progression bar of what is playing remains at the time I restarted the remote extension.
Feedback sent before 3fac430f7d6da298 and after a4e6abf7fef0bd64 restarting the extension.

Edit: it looks like the RPi is behaving normally now.

@spockfish, I cannot for the life of me get WiFi to work. I only intend to use the RPi3 + LCD as a 'now playing display. I see my WiFi network in the WiFi settings, have quadruple checked my passcode etc. I am wondering if the special characters in my SSID are causing issues? My WiFi network is Eero.Wired works flawlessly.

@spockfish Took one for the team and removed the special characters from my SSID. RoPieee connected to WiFi just fine.

Spending the rest of my day reconnecting all my WiFi devices :roll_eyes:

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What kinda special characters did you have?

a ‘(’ and a ’ )’