Stable release 2018/07/30 (142)


While we’re having the hottest summer in years over here in the Netherlands I managed to squeeze out another update.

Nothing fancy, the usual. Again some ‘under the hood stuff’ to further improve stability. And support for the Allo Katana. Would be great if someone can test it and report back to me. Here’s the changelog:

  • FIX: reboot weekly schedule does not work
  • FIX: guessing wifi country code does not work
  • IMPROV: make installation of RoonBridge more robust
  • IMPROV: set reboot schedule on new install to ‘never’
  • IMPROV: bump Linux Kernel to 4.14.56
  • NEW: (preliminary) support for Allo’s Katana DAC HAT

remark: the ‘disable led’ option will arrive in the next version

As usual you can find the images on I’ve also created a compressed image for those with small(ish) bandwidth.

Enjoy the summer and have fun!

‘Warm’ regards,



@spockfish, one of my RoPieee devices has failed to update after waiting a few days and some extra manual reboots. I’ll re-flash this weekend, but here is the feedback if you are curious. The other six updated right away. Thanks, as always.


Hi Nathan,

For some reason I can’t open the feedback archive: it’s corrupted. Can you try again?
What update schedule to you use?


Regards Harry

Daily, but changed yesterday to on boot to try and force the process.


Thanks Harry!

hmmm… again corrupted. This does not look good…

are you in for some SSH-ing to see what’s going on or are you going for the reflash?


I took a look, and the simple answer is that the device is out of space. It would seem that offending culprit is:


with some 1.7g of stuff. Shall I delete and try to update again? Or would you like me to look at something else?

Oeff… ok…

No don’t delete the directory plainly, but run the following command:

yes | pacman -Scc

And while you’re at it, next run this:

pacman -Syu

So… how big is your SD?

Success. System now at v142.

Card size is 4g – is this too small now?

No. At least it should not. But I suspect this is a unit that hasn’t been reflashed for a long time.
So you’re running in this huge cache, and RoPieee is not clearing that one up. Obviously that’s a fix that I’m creating right now :wink:

The thing is, that over the past year RoPieee has been very stable. But updates are still fragile. So I’ve been working on a different setup, where updates are way smaller and we’re not facing the consequences if ArchLinux (which is the distro I’m using) comes with tons of updates. This under the hood work took a long time, but with this version that foundation is present. Soon I’ll ‘flip the switch’ and from then on update sets are smaller, and with that I also hope more reliable.

But in short: RoPieee should work with 4G cards.

Thanks for the feedback,

Regards Harry


@spockfish, RoPieee is fabulous, and thank you for it. :grinning:


@spockfish Great to see Katana integration! Is there also a possibility like Volumio to select DAC filters?