Stable release 2019/03/21 (243)


I just put out a fairly minor maintenance release with just a few things I wanted to push out:

2019/03/21 (243)

  • IMPROV: harden hotfix functionality
  • IMPROV: show hardware serial in info tab
  • IMPROV: simplify configuration for updates

The update mechanism is now simplified to 2 choices: on boot and manual. The scheduled updates (daily, weekly etc.) didn’t work out so nicely as they could interrupt audio playing. Furthermore there’s no need for it (anymore) as you can schedule the reboot (or disable it of course) which made this scheduling redundant.

So for those that’s interested in what’s cooking on the stove:

  • I’m testing an update to the new long-term Linux 4.19 release. Nothing special, just stability and more Audio USB stuff.
  • I’m working on the ‘lets-sync-the-config-in-the-cloud’ idea. Basics are working and I think it can turn out quite nicely. The idea of going to the webpage the first time and having there a button ‘Restore config’ with a simple click sounds pretty nice I guess.